Toshi Densetsu Monogatari Hikiko

Alt title: Urban Legend Story Hikiko

OVA (1 ep x 40 min)
2.161 of 5 from 228 votes
Rank #5,867

Satoshi returns to his hometown after years of being away, carrying with him terrible memories of his past. He remembers the day Satoko Kisiki joined his class – it was the rainy season, and her unusual body made her an easy target for cruel bullying, though Satoshi never took part in the mean tricks that were played on her. However, soon he found himself relentlessly chased by a mysterious and deformed girl whose long dark hair obscured her face. Was this a simple case of a joke gone too far, or was a poor, mistreated girl looking to take revenge on those who made her life miserable?

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angelsreviews Jul 17, 2013
Score 6/10

This is one rather spooky show, just the expressions on the characters faces make it rather scary. When they actually picked CG to make this, I think they picked a pretty good medium for a horror based OVA. The show starts out with a boy reliving his days as a 3rd year in a town. A young girl moves in to his next door apartment and he watches as she is tortured by his classmates and mother. Creepy things just... read more


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