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Itazura na Kiss

Itazura na Kiss

Kotoko Aihara has always been in love with Naoki Irie; he’s tall, handsome, and rumored to be the most intelligent student in Japan – who wouldn’t be? Only one thing stands in the way of a relationship with Irie: Kotoko is ditzy and is at the bottom set of her school, and Irie-kun hates nothing more than ditzy, stupid girls. When disaster strikes and Kotoko is forced to move in with Irie-kun’s family, she suddenly sees her chance to bridge the gap. After all, even cool, super-intelligent guys must have a soft spot, right?

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PlatinumDragon PlatinumDragon says...

Both Toradora and Itazura Na Kiss have quite a lot in common. From finding love triangles to comedy. They each have their unique spice that catches ones attention and delves them into the story making you want to watch the next episode. In both anime's you have characters fighting through daily lives while trying to get the person they love to see them. They are great anime that I am sure many will love.

Darkassasin Darkassasin says...

They are very simular. Both are looking for love, if you love romance and comedy you should pick these up

kayoky093 kayoky093 says...

Character development is similar. Ita is more intense tho, even if toradora may have more likability towrds youngsters due to the fact that everything stays in school.

Nyan Koi!

Nyan Koi!

Everyone around Kousaka seems to adore cats, but due to his allergies the teen can’t stand them. So when he wakes up one day and can hear what every feline is saying, Kousaka is annoyed to say the least. His new “gift,” it seems, is the result of accidentally breaking an enshrined statue of a cat; and what’s worse, Kousaka must atone for his sin and appease the vengeful spirit by aiding one hundred kitties-in-distress, or become a furry feline himself! Now, amidst helping various cats with mundane and trivial issues, Kousaka must try to dispel the jinx and attempt to salvage his self-respect – not to mention his love life - along the way.

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Bessie Bessie says...

I don't know why, but everything in Nyan Koi! reminds me of ToraDora! and vice versa.

Pretty similar art, very similar characters, and even cats are drawn similarly (well, there's only one cat in ToraDora! - Palmtop Tiger, but anyway).

So If you like comedies with a little bit of romance and adventures - you should try them both!

rashura rashura says...

Great animes with ALOT of funny scenes featuring the main character being beaten up or made fun off. Great laughs guaranteed.

Bvision Bvision says...

I followed the already existing recommendations between these two and it worked out great.

The connection would be well not sure about this but you could say character conflict is a bit simular and they are both able to put your laugh in action.

Ooh and in Toradora! the settings are a bit more mature compared to Nyan Koi! Well this one is really hard to explain sorry. :P

Angel Beats!

Angel Beats!

Death and reincarnation are inescapable, but what happens in between? Without warning and without his memories, a boy who only recalls his last name - Otonashi - wakes up next to a girl named Yuri who offers him a gun and tells him to shoot an angel. Assuming it must be a misunderstanding, Otonashi is then almost killed by the angel and is drawn into Yuri's army to battle to delay the beginning of his next life. Immortality is within reach, but if Otonashi remembers how he died, will he keep fighting or allow himself to vanish?

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DuskFey DuskFey says...

Both of these shows have tsundere leads, though it takes Yuri longer to soften. There's laughter along the way, adorable moments, and moments when it looks like everything will fall apart. Still no matter how hard Toradora! tries to convince you it's only funny or Angel Beats! that it's only serious, there's a gooey center in each of these shows that left me with a smile. :)

rusty0 rusty0 says...

Hefty dose of comedy and romance. Both, for most of their runtime, are feel good animes, even if angel beats! has some very sad moments.

ItsumoHitori ItsumoHitori says...

Angel Beats! and Toradora! are two heartwarming and hilarious shows with a unique and lovable cast of characters and amazing plots. If you liked one of these shows, you will most definitely enjoy the other

Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai

Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai

Kyousuke Kosaka is a normal teenager with average grades and an average home life, but when he finds out that his overachieving younger sister Kirino has been hiding her vast anime and eroge collection from their unassuming parents, his world turns inside out! Now, having promised to help his formerly distant sibling navigate her two distinct lives, Kyousuke finds himself drawn into Kirino's world of magical girl anime and "little sister" fetish games while covering for his sibling to her parents and friends, not to mention trying to provide what guidance he can.

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chocobolily chocobolily says...

The male and female leads of Toradora! and Oreimo share similar dynamics: a guy who tries to lay low ends up helping out a tsundere girl.  The female character in the former needs help pursuing the male character's best friend.  In the latter, the female lead is the guy's younger sister who wants to balance modeling, being super popular at school, and secretly playing eroge.  At times dramatic but never dark, these series have a close sense of humor and brightly colored art.  Funny without being empty.

StevenSAKUJO StevenSAKUJO says...

Both tsuandere and very funny, very simialr in many ways.  While the plot is very different it still brings the same kind of emotions and feelings.

Airotia Airotia says...

The two anime are very similar in leading lady as well as relationships with the leading male, except for in Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai, the two are brother and sister.

The main girl in both are tsundere girls who seem as if they are very capable in some aspects — for the sister in Ore no Imouto, it's for the fact that she has a job and is popular, but in Toradora, is that the main girl is rich and can beat pretty much anyone in a fight — but are very incapable at actually 'being themselves.'

In Toradora, that takes form as the main girl not being able to return feelings for anyone or be close with anyone other than her best friend for long periods of time, while in Ore no Imouto, it takes form as not being able to admit she's an anime junkie.

As with all tsundere girls, by the end of it, the main male sees a softer side to the tsundere girl.

Other similarities include rivalries between the main girl and another girl, and though this might be a cheat seeing as it's probably a part of the general tsundere definition, the main girls in both tend to treat the main guys like their servants.

They're both extremely entertaining and have great side-characters, as well as believable drama centering around the group of people in each. Ore no Imouto has no romance while Toradora focuses primarily on it, but they both do a good job of highlighting the character's stories and their devolpment throughout the show.



Seeking a cure for his depraved masochism, Taro Sado approaches the Second Volunteer Club on the recommendation of his best friend, Tatsukichi. There he finds the help of the violent but kind Mio Isurugi who promises to beat the masochism out of him by any means necessary. Will Taro be able to survive the assaults of this upperclassman, the overly-affectionate attentions of his mother and sister, and still lead a normal school life? Unlikely. But will he get over his perverse fetish? He sure hopes so.

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KittyEmperor KittyEmperor says...

With both series being something of a romantic comedy though the romance in Toradora is a much more central role to the series.  With school being the main setting for both stories as well as eaching featuring a leading female tsundere if you enjoyed one then you'll probably enjoy the other.

scizorg45 scizorg45 says...

If you like small tsundere girls, both series will suit you just fine! MM is more for the perverts out there and Toradora actually contains a good story.

if you liked one, check out the other.

AnimeFreak127 AnimeFreak127 says...

Both of them feature strange cute girls and troubled men, romantic scenes and happy memories. If you enjoy one you'll definetly enjoy the other. ^^