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AMVs I likeby Nillen

Obviously contains spoilers, watch at your own risk. - Please link any of your own favorites, I'd love to see em :)

My Top 17 romance animeby JadeStar713

Well, the title yet again says it all....

☆ TOP ROMANCE / DRAMA ☆by Bfields

This is for all you romance addicts. These are my favorite romance starting from highly recommended.

Amateur short opinions on the anime I've watched!by reddishgrey

Just a list of little thoughts in alphabetical order that I've got whilst watching each anime! Surely you won't agree with all them opinions, but #SorryNotSorry.

Best Feels Animeby x52495

Anime to crush your soul and make you cry.

The Best Shojo Anime to Watch When You Need the Feels!by GutterKitty

Just break up? Not in a relationship? Want the warm fuzzies?! Here's some good anime that will make you happy!

Favorite Animeby AlexTheOtaku

My favorite anime. Not in this exact order.