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best anime I have watched so farby sonluffychan

I may make another list as this is only my opinion so far I have watched many other anime and may watch even more so plz bare with this list for now

My Top Favorite Animeby Ftujio

I'm ordering them by personal enjoyment. Story and animation are the main factors for this list. If you search for this you can see if you like any of it. Side note: I haven't included all the anime i've watched for the reason that i can't think...

"Anime Watching Challenge 2016"by Jassinn2K15

A List of Must Watch Anime's in 2016. Contains anime from all genres to give a taste of the various flavors of anime.

Favorite Romance Anime Listby OtakuG

My Favorite Romance Anime List

Anime that changed my thoughts about animeby deleonl98

These are some of the animes I most like and recommend. I hope you enjoy them! ;D I'm open to suggestions.

Favourite animeby OutOfTheBlue

The stories that I loved the most for plot, development of characters, themes, settings and tag (I especially like slice of life, shoujo and coming of age stories). Updated from time to time, when I come to know of another anime worthy of being...

Best Of Romance -comedyby mamorukun

Not only sol or school life romance, but the most enjoyable anime from any genre that combine romance and comedy.