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15 Old Anime with Interesting Plotby Chappy09

They all supernatural and fantasy, some are comedy and slice of life. But, you know, some of them, like Kill la Kill and Black Bullet, are comedy and action. They all have good plot and ... well, I'm not a big fan of romantic anime, but I put...

Anime that non-anime fans would enjoyby Kolink

Even people that don't typically watch anime would like these if they gave them a chance. I chose these series based on a few factors: little to no "otaku" culture references, little to no ecchi scenes, and solid storylines that can appeal to a wide...

Honest opinions and my fav animeby UnicornFatboy

You can find something for everybody i hope,its not ranked

My Top 10 Animeby LizBlanc

Updating my fav's regularly >o< (no movies on this list!)

forever and always my favesby M0M0I

my fave anime of all time

20 Anime for Beginnersby varianfox2000

Series to get your friends into anime or just to watch for fun. This list will not include the typical mainstream anime.

The Animes that made my life Amazingby SparkleMoon

I made this list to let you know the Animes that I watched so far and that I recommend to watch.

All the Animes I've Watchedby doggylue08

Includes commentaries (I'll be updating so not all the animes will have commentaries at the moment)