Toradora SOS!

DVD Special (4 eps x 5 min)
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Recently, various food-related issues have been plaguing everyone, from Ami’s pudding woes to Yuri-sensei’s curry rejection. In an effort to cheer everyone up, Ryuuji’s foolproof plan is to take them all to a family restaurant. However, with each visit, a chance encounter with Minorin soon turns his plans upside down. Whether the pair ends up in a battle over which is best - spaghetti with meat or seafood - or comparing their knowledge of curry, their time together always manages to be eventful.

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Klitch's avatar by Klitch on Dec 3, 2010
Score 0.5/10

Well these specials made me angry. Toradora! is my favorite anime of all time so I figured that if anyone was going to find enjoyment in even a loosely related production like this, it'd be me. I was willing to forgive a lot just to see Taiga and Ryuuji again. Unfortunately all I got to see here was several stock chibi characters that happened to share names with characters from Toradora... read more

Gzerble's avatar by Gzerble on Mar 7, 2015
Score 0.1/10

I don't know why I watched this. Toradora SOS! is a steaming pile of subhuman excrement. It is quite honestly the work of people saying "Toradora fans are stupid, make fun of them". Yeah well, I'm not a fan, and I find that meta-joke stupid. The lack of a real joke in order to have some silly meta-value makes it non-meta-crap. This is chibi figures being stupid, voiced stupidly, and that's it. There... read more

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