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Ryuuji Takasu has an eventful life: his classmates think he's a delinquent due to his 'killer' eyes; his crush Minori seems ever out of reach; and he’s just had an unfortunate encounter with 'palm-sized Taiga' – a feisty and dainty wench in his class. With different cleaning habits and tempers, the two clash like night and day; that is, except for the fact that Taiga and Ryuuji have crushes on the other's good friend! With school rumors abounding, the duo must now work together to play matchmaker for each other. Who will end up with their true love?

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Toradora SOS! DVD Special 2009 Omake Omake released on the DVDs
Toradora! Special Other 2011 TBD

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Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Toradora! (Light Novel) 2006 TBD
Toradora Spin-off! (Light Novel) 2007 TBD
Toradora! 2008 Original Manga
Name Role
Masayoshi TANAKA Character Design
Tatsuyuki NAGAI Director
Yukari HASHIMOTO Music
Shinichi IKEDA Producer
Yuji MATSUKURA Producer
Takahiro YAMANAKA Producer
Muneyuki KANBE Producer
Takaaki YUASA Producer

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Zero no Tsukaima

Zero no Tsukaima

In a world where magic is a reality, the young Louise is at the bottom of her class. Dubbed "Zero" by her classmates at Tristein Academy (due to her zero success rate for magic), Louise (along with all first year students) was charged with summoning a familiar; and instead of a cute magical creature, the familiar arrived in the form of... Saito Hiraga, a normal Japanese boy who was abruptly teleported from his own world?! Can both Louise and Saito come to terms with their new and complicated "relationship" and (more importantly) help Saito find a way home?

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If you like Tsundere, then ZnT is the quintessential series you must watch, although it makes any other like it seem redundant.  There are a lot of similarities between Louise and Taiga, including the same voice actress even.  To me, ToraDora is more intelligent, but both are fun series.


If you enjoy watching shows with a central Tsundere character treating some poor unwilling guy like a slave and calling him a dog, then both of these series are for you! Both are set in a school environment and whilst Zero no Tsukaima is more ecchi and has a large fantasy element that Toradora! doesn't have, both are comedy series. In both situations you find youself feeling sorry for Saito and Ryuuji, and gradually beginning to like Louise and Taiga - and their tempers! If you enjoyed one of these series then it is well worth giving the other a try.


Seeing both series, there are quite some obvious connections: Female and male lead characters share a similar type of interaction, the female being highly dominent and somewhat spoiled - the male being a pure-hearted nice guy who is treated badly, yet in the hearts of both female leads, they do have a deeper affection for their respective "dog". Both series evolve around this element, yet in different interpretations.

Hence, If you like the tension between the characters of one series, you may just love to see this constellation in a different setting and this is the chance! While Zero no Tsukaima has an all-fantasy setting with more exaggeration, action and male-lead-torture, Toradora! chooses a realistic setting with more true-to-life moments and a deeper, less predictable approach in character behaviour - so both have unique qualities.


There are similar characters in both anime - selfish girl who doesn't get along with other students very much and a kind boy who is often abused by her and treated like her slave. Together they try hard to overcome various problems and develop a special relationship. If you liked one, you'd surely like the other.


Although these two anime have very different plots and characters, I feel that essentially they're still very similar in the romance departments (as well as the main character designs).  Simply put, both these stories revolve around a slice-of-life (or adventure) type of feel... with the underlying of romance just waiting to reveal itself in the end.

I feel that both the main guy and girl in the stories are really similar... in the way that says that they're both unaware of their own feelings.  It takes awhile for development to kick in, but finally we see the final result of character development in the end =) Both leave the story pretty much settled and there's nothing left to be said so it's a pretty solid ending (except in ZnT, there's still much to be said about the war).


These 2 titles have characters which can easily be identified as a "Tsundere". In the case of ZnT, you have Louise who is quick to torture the male lead for small transgressions. Despite her violent behavior, she always finds the time to show us the 'dere' side of things. In Toradora, there is a very similar female lead in the form of Taiga. Although she sees nothing wrong with using a wooden sword to assault Ryuji, she is also able to capture Tsundere fans' hearts with ease.


Why? thats rather simple: you have a tsundre female lead that at first doesnt want to acknowledge their love and a male lead that gets exploited by the female with most of the time comical results. And to top it off Louise and Taiga have the same voice actor!


Toradora and Zero No Tsukaima. They share the same type of character roles, but one thing I feel everyone is mixing up is how similar the characters are.

Ryuuji is a completely different type of character than Saito. While Saito and Ryuuji do have one thing in common, a tsundere female who takes their lives by the reigns, the characters themselves are different.

Toradora takes a more realistic approach towards it, the tsundere nature is more subtle in Taiga then with Louise. ZnT has a more fantasy feel and more action and adventure. Toradora lacks action (For the most part) and replaces it with deep character progression.

All in All, if you like ZnT you may like Toradora or vice versa. They share the same elements but the characters are, by no means, all that similar. At least, not to me.


Both are typical tsundere female lead. there is also the feeling of the male lead wanting to protect the female lead. 


This should be a fairly obvious recommendation.

First, let's start with the voice actors. Both Taiga and Louise are voiced by the queen of tsundere voices: Rie Kugimiya. Minori and Henrietta are both voiced by Yui Horie.

Next, let's talk about similar elements. Both would qualify as romantic comedy, with a good amount of drama inserted in. Whereas Toradora is a school setting, Zero no Tsukaima is a fantasy school setting, with plenty of action and battling. The core idea is the same though: Boy meets girl, girl and boy like each other, girl takes the entire season to decide that she likes boy.


Both made by JC Staff with the several of the lead females with the same voice actresses (Taiga and Louise; Minorin and Siesta), a slowly emerging couple, and a slight harem feel (although Zero is much more of a harem).


I haven't watched much of ZnT yet, but so far I recognize several elements very much in common with Toradora. Louise and Taiga, the female leads, are similar both physically (short, thin, long hair, flat) and in their somewhat violent tempers and habits of calling the male lead "dog".

Saito and Ryuuji, however, are pretty much nothing alike. Toradora also takes a far more realistic attitude towards its story; part of this is probably just the setting, as it is set in a regular high school whereas ZnT is in a fantasy world. But their 'moods' are also very different in some ways, with ZnT being more needlessly humorous and over-the-top and Toradora taking itself more seriously (a little too much at times, I felt).

One thing that really annoys me about ZnT is the whole caste system between "aristocrats" and "plebians", and especially the way Saito is treated (he sleeps on STRAW and eats on the floor!), but I hope that will eventually get better. (Besides, I just kind of love Saito.) Toradora is definitely better in terms of equality even if Ryuuji is bullied somewhat by Taiga. Still, if you like one series, there's a good chance you'll enjoy the other.


If you enjoy the love quarils of Ryuuji and Taiga, you will find that Zero no Tsukaima has almost the same thing, the story is also similar, the funny moments, the akward ones, (still funny) are always great and im sure you will enjoy ZNT as i have. :)


Tsundera-romances are always fun to watch, and these two shows are no exception. While both may have completely different settings, the overall theme is the same: the girl is initially aggressive (and at many times incredibly violent) towards the guy, but eventually they grow attached to each other and start falling in love.

I love these shows because they offer endless humor, but at the same time offer those heartwarming scenes that just make the show totally worth watching. Romance fans and comedy fans alike will most definitely enjoy these shows.

Watching guys getting beaten relentlessly with blunt objects in the name of love was never such a rewarding experience.


Both shows are romances that are intended for a male audience and have a short tsundere as the female lead. And both are based off of light novels. If you like one you should watch the other.


Very similar anime. Both have tsundere main characters. Both have the same genre. If you like toradora you'll definitely like ZnT and vice versa. ZnT has a magical twist and action but Toradora is funny too. both have guys that are abused in some sort of way


Zero no Tsukaima or Louise the Zero and Toradora are very similar in a lot of ways. First off you have the female main characters they look and act very similar. Second you have the male lead characters both are super similar in how they behave.   Both of these comedies feature a great romance with lots of humor and side characters. IF you like one you will like the other.


The characters personalities are very similar such as Louise and Taiga. Both of them are great animes with compelling plots! I think everyone should watch them!


I'm simply going here by the main female character. If you loved Taiga you're going to love Louise and vice-versa. They are voiced by the same actor and both tagged as tsundere characters, really great ones if I may add. Also the relationship they grow with the male protaganist can both be funny and dramatic in similar ways.


Lousie and Taiga are basically the same character: small, violent, flat-chested and they even look the same except for the hair. They both face stuggles in school and find love.


These anime are really alike even though thier plots are nothing alike. The main womans voice actress is the same even. They are the Two most must see romance animes i can recommend.


Both features tsunderes who's "tsun" crosses the line into domestic violence, all while it is treated as comedy. They also feature a dog motif for the poor recipient of the tsundere's violence, who ends up doing a lot of house-work. All in all they aren't very similar other than that though, as Zero no Tsukaima is a lot more... filled with panty shots. However, Louise and Taiga are very similar.


Both animes have the "dainty" female lead and the often confused male lead that gets forced to deal with them and have lots of good humor in both. Just watch and see for yourself.


the main characters are quite similar: the females are tsunderes are somewhat spoilt and treat the male main characters as their slaves. the male main charcters do not enjoy this (who would?) but both sides grdually come to love each other. You will love Toradora if you liked Zero no Tsukaima and vice versa


The voice actress of Louise and Taiga are the same..Both girls are dominant to their partner and are harsh in some ways but that is where you will see the awesomeness of love.. :) 


I'm simply recommending these two cause of the tsundere and comedy aspects. They both revolve around a female and male character lead who at first, can't stand each other and get into many hilarious situations. As time goes  they start to grow on each other. They both have their good shares of comedy, romance, and especially tsundere moments. Not to mention the female protagonist share the same voice actor. If you liked one I'm sure you'll like the other.




They both have a love hate relationship where the male gets into some sticky situations with girls resulting in him getting hurt :)


I watched Zero no Tsukaima first a long time ago. Season 4 came out and i rewatched it completly, I was so hungry for more if this wonderful show i watched Toradora. Either way is a perfect matchup. Both shows are fantastic and if you like one you will definatly like the other. 



Although not really similar in plot, both Zero no Tsukaima and Toradora! are remarkably similar to one another. Both have the classic tsundere (though Taiga is much better, personally), a school setting, romance, and of course plenty of comedy.

If you liked one, the other is a must see!


The main characters relationships and personalities are quite similar. Makes you wonder if it wasnt written by the same person.

watch it online now!

Lovely Complex

Lovely Complex

Lovely Complex is a story of a boy and a girl. The girl, Koizumi Risa, is much taller than the average Japanese girl; and the boy, Atsushi Otani, is much shorter than the average Japanese boy. Due to their immense difference in size and constant bickering with each other, the duo is unwillingly the school’s comic relief. As Risa and Otani continue to provide endless laughter for the masses, their friendship develops; and with that, so does Risa’s feelings for Otani...

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If you enjoy the love quarils of Ryuuji and Taiga, you will find that Lovely Complex has almost the same thing, the story is also similar, the funny moments, the akward ones, (still funny) are always great and im sure you will enjoy Lovely Complex as i have. :)


Both are romantic comdies which revolves largely around the main male/female lead's comedic bickering.

Both the male and female share similar complex about their persons, Lovely Complex revolving around their heights, Toradora around being misunderstood for their looks. 

The starting premise for both also revolves around the leads helping the other to go out with a different person, and a relatively slow progression of the relationship between the leads.

Lovely Complex is perhaps the more 'girly' of the two, as it focuses more on Risa's point of view, where Toradora focuses more on Ryuji's viewpoint.


I feel that both these series start off in the same premise... two unlikely girl and guy become good friends due to random circumstances (like trying to pair each other up with their best friends!).  But there's more to that... in both series, we get a sense of friendship from both parties.  The audience knows that these two may (most likely) end up together. 

That's when the similarities end however.  The way the anime brings these two together is very different.  While Toradora! is more about family and self discovery, LC is about getting over appearences and in a sense, moving on.  They're both based in a high school setting, but their story-telling methods are very different even though they both start off as an innocent friendship.


Both are high school romances, that have the main characters "accidently" fall in love. You would also like Toradora, because like Lovely Complex, it has a realistic view on relationships. That love isnt always perfect. Both shows use a well blend of comedy and drama.


A strange friendship or possible love made with the intent of trying other people fall in love. Both stories have characters with confidence troubles wich they need to solve to overcome the problems in their lives and understand who they really are and who they really love. 


Both series--Lovely Complex and Toradora!--feature two main characters with inferiority complexes and romantic interests in seemingly out-of-reach classmates. The comedic and romantic elements mesh in a similar manner between the duos in each show while presenting accessible characters that can figuratively look each other in the eye; unlike other series that present two social opposites in similar situations. Lastly, while the two series appear familiar they are also fresh because of the differences in animation, characters and narrative nuances. If you're looking for shows with a lot in common while retaining enough differences to be new and interesting make sure to consider Toradora! and Lovely Complex together.


Toradora en Lovely Complex are very similar. It's all about the two characters who hate each other, but throughout the series their friendship (and love) develops into an interesting relationship.


Both of these anime (Toradora and Lovely Complex) are high school romances, and involve a girl and boy who don't get along with each other but then end up becoming friends and helping each other try to get together with their love interests. Eventually the protagonists begin to develop romantic feelings for each other.

The overall feeling of both the series, too, is quite similar.


If you're the type that enjoy a good comedic romance and characters with strong (and obnoxious) personalities, I would reccomend either Toradora!  or Lovely Complex for those whom haven't seen one or the other (or both). While both of the shows center around the two main characters trying to help each other achieve their loves, there is the inevitable conflict of how the two main characters feel about each other and how they cope with these feelings while experiencing several knee-slapping, belly jiggling and literally explosive laughing-induced scenes of complete random hilarity.

With regard to the animation style and quality, both anime have something to offer in terms of originality, more so with Lovely Complex, especially with the overexaggerated facial expressions. Both have a great selection of music, and the voice acting is impressive. I would reccomend this show to anyone.


What helps make both of them good is the chemistry and banter between the two main characters (Ryuuji and Taiga in Toradora! and Risa and Otani in Lovely Complex). And by help, I mean the best part; it's entertaining yet endearing, amusing yet heartwarming. It's the driving force between the two and is supported by voice acting that perfectly suits the characters (The tsundere's in particular).

What really matters is the romance, and both will satisfy your fix for romance anime.

(Taiga's so small and Risa's so tall, and both so adorable.)


Besiding both contenting a large amount of comedy both series also feature a male lead and female lead who don't quite see each other as someone they can get into a relationship with as they always seem to argue with each other at least to some degree or another.  But as both series progress the characters of both series begin to understand their feelings more and well you can guess what happens next.


Similar but Different..Toradora some tsundere while Lovely Complex doesn't but in both anime the both start out liking each other's friends and in the end realize the like each other....2 of the best Romance anime out there and are both must watch.


Lovely Complex and Toradora both feature a mismatched boy and girl who are having trouble with the opposite sex. Both stories feature their crazy adventures in HS and with romance. Both storelines are very similar. The difference between these shows is  Lovely Complex is more dramatic than Toradora, and Toradora is more comedic. If you like one you will like the other.


This anime is the baby of Toradora & Kimi ni Todoke! You have the loud comedic act and the heart-tugging awww in this anime.


If you liked either of those Comedy\Romance animes, there's a high chance you'll like the other. The reason being that, both anime feature a boy\girl combination mutually supporting each other in the search for true love. However, as both stories progress, the respective heroes\heroines may very well realise that opposites really do attract and, sometimes, true love is closer than you may think....


Both Toradora and Lovely Complex are romantic comedies. They both start with the main characters trying to help each other achieve their loves. At the same time they get to know each other and about themselves, trying to cope with their feelings as well as life's problems. Later in the series, there is an inevitable conflict of feelings between the two main characters. Along with hilarious knee-slapping scenes, everything eventually falls into place and they both fall in love with each other.

Both Toradora and Lovely Complex will leave you wanting for more, and I would gladly recommend these two anime to anyone who love romantic comedies.


There's nothing better than two characters that start out disliking each other and fighting, but grow to love each other over time. The main characters in both animes are people that for various reasons are a bit different, whether it be their height or their appearance as a delinquent. And there are lots of laughs along the way.


Both of these anime start off with the same premise. A guy and a girl like each other's best friends and agree to hook each other up, but inadvertantly fall for each other eventually.

The main differences between the two is that Lovely Complex has a larger degree of humor — and a good deal of that is the kind of humor most Americans need notes to understand — and the love-hate relationship in Lovely Complex is reciprocated between the two of them, while in Toradora!, it's mostly the main female who does the hating. Also the 'trying to hook each other up' motif lasts a lot longer in Toradora! than in Lovely Complex, which discards that rather early on.

Both are quite hilarious and have interesting characters set in high school. There are multiple relationships that each show juggles, and though the relationships are more abstact in Toradora! and are established in Lovely Complex, each manage to portray high school relationships really well.


Both shows [Lovely Complex & Toradora] deal with a bit of romance between two people with MAJOR height differences.

In LC It's between a tall girl and short boy

In Toradora! It's between a short girl and a tall boy

Both series won't admit their attraction to the other and they blow it off. Also the main characters like the others friend so they try to help eachother out.


Great Plot for both of them! Both sets protaginists fight with each other but have an affection for each other! I loved both of these animes, both are my favourites and defiantly recommend them!


Lovely Complex and Toradora are both high school romance seres. If you like that kind of anime, then you'll like both of those shows. Also, the main pairs on both of those seres have a noticeable hight difference.


Both main characters start out by not liking eachother until one of them develops feelings for the other. Afterwards, the supporting characters slowly push them together.


I'd categorize both of these animes as Love/Romance, Comedy, School Life, and Slife Of Life. They both deal with 2 characters, who are totally contrasted, and that is what makes both of these animes particulary similar. I recommend you watch both of them, I really do!


Both anime are about high school romance and people who are constantly misunderstood. They both describe the effort to win over the one you love in a comedic way. I really liked them although I found Lovely complex funnier and toradora sweeter in its own way. Hope you enjoy them too!


Both are high school romances, that have the main characters "accidentally" fall in love. they both have a realistic view on relationships. That love isnt always perfect. Both shows use a well blend of comedy and drama. I might also add that I was filled with emotions in both. They're really good if you like comedy/drama. If you like one you will definitely like the other.


This anime is the best romance and comedy anime ive ever watched. I very recommend this for ppl out there. Also for ppl who dont watch Anime.



Tomoya Okazaki is a third-year high school student who is generally bored with life and doesn't take his studies, future, or anything else seriously. One day, however, he meets a lonely-looking girl in the school courtyard, Nagisa Furukawa. She explains to him the source of her loneliness: she had missed a lot of the previous school year and thus is repeating her third year; everybody that she knew has already graduated, and she is lonely. Tomoya is rather indifferent at first, but decides that he has nothing better to do and spends increasingly more time helping Nagisa restore the school drama club. As his relationship with Nagisa grows, Tomoya begins to open up to various other people around the school as well...

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Both of these shows feature a main guy character who is unhappy with his lot in life and misjudged by the world aroud him who decides to take care of a girl who seems to be his polar opposite.  Although Taiga and Nagisa are very different characters, they both welcome the assistance of their male counterparts and become stronger because of their friendship with him.  They are both slice of life style animes that show friends dealing with the problems of everyday life, and just enjoying high school.  Both shows are incredible and should be watched by everyone.


Both of these stories revolve around a couple that slowly get together, with a harem theme going on, both taking place in school. Although Toradora! has a much strong female role in Taiga, both of them progress with a similar love arch in the background.


Both are excellent romantic comedies that start of with a strong comedic element before focusing on the romance/drama. Both have extremely funny and sad moments, so if you liked one you're sure to like the other.


Both animes are excellent love stories that devlop the main characters throughly, devling into their family life, school life, and love life; showing them how much they need each other without them knowing it.

Both animes offer a good amount of comedy as well and a great group of characters for the supporting cast. Clannad is definitely a little more serious than Toradora! however, both animes are not without their shining moments that make you feel for the characters and out yourself in their world.


As I sat on my couch watching Toradora! I could not help thinking, "This is a lot like 'reverse Clannad.'" While there are exceptions, the male and female protagonists of the two shows seem to hold almost opposite roles. Also both feature moments of great comedy and gut-wrenching tragedy. Both are great romance stories and stand apart from the generic, 3 star harem romances that are oh-so-common. I highly recommend both of these shows.


A Romantic Journey is the best way to describe both Clannad & Toradora! Both had the chance of needlessly throwing themselves away to the Harem genre, with the Female casts outweighing the Male cast, But thankfully don't! Large Smatterings of Comedy & Misunderstandings make these anime more than just a simple Romance. With well-built characters, a paced story & ultimately satisfying endings. Both shows are MUST sees!


Both are romantic comedies/dramas with a slice-of-life element and balance out the comedy and drama so that neither aspect overwhelms the anime. There is good development among the relationships between characters fleshing them out and have them slowly mature and grow on each other throughout the anime. Both are beautifully done though Clannad has less realistic elements but both are still done wonderfully.


Although the female protagonists are certainly very different characters, the lead male characters are both very similar, in that they always try to help the female protagonist, and dont realise their feelings untill late in the show.

Also the relationship that develops between the leads is very good in both cases, and is quite touching.


Clannad and Toradora share several themes; for one both of them do a great job with comedy. As long as you're used to japanese humor, you're all set to enjoy both series. The drama and slice of life aspects are both great. Clannad though, has a more realistic feel imo. The characters are similar in a sense, with Tomoya willing to support Nagisa while Ryuji supports Taiga... the reasons are different though. With both stories, their friends play a major role to the plot development and both execute it close to perfect.


These two series are made for each other. Both feature wonderful characters, great comedy, tearjerker moments, highschool romance and high production values. This is probably one of my most no-brainer recommendations for each series--if you like this genre of anime, then Clannad and Toradora! are both must-sees.


Both of the main dude character are very gloomy. but both of them slowly get together.Both of these show are great!!


Highschool romances at first glance, hilarious comedies at second. Both star the passive reclusive male lead who finds themselves attached to a rather unusual match. The laughs are what set these two apart from most HS romance.


These are both just great love stories. Both are cute and touching, with likeable characters. The male leads, Ryuuji and Tomoya, are quite similar and even loook alike. The love stories progress similarly and keep you engaged through all the entertaining side plots.Clannad has the best end song though ^-^


The romances in these shows start from characters helping one-another. Not only do the characters help eachother directly, but they also help eachother emotionally. This helps create very strong bonds between the characters; bonds that the viewer can easily graps and share with the characters.

The relationships in the shows are between characters that, for different reasons, are depicted as undesirable partners to others. The idea is very well expressed in the introductory poem for Toradora:

"There's something in this world that no one has ever seen. It's something kind and very sweet. If people could see it, they would probably want it. That's why the world hid it; So that it wouldn't be so easy to find. But someday, someone will definitely find it. The one who is supposed to find it, will be the one to find it. That's just how it is."

The awesome comedy in both shows is also a very important factor for the success of each. They have very likeable characters that will trully make you smile and care about them. How much you care about the characters will be what ultimately determines how much emotional investment you put into these shows, and therefore how much you will enjoy them.


Romance should be the main connection.

Toradora! also contains some of that tear jerking magic and in depth character development that Clannad has however its not as powerfull as Clannad in that area because of the comedy side Toradora! has compared to Clannad.


The Style and Humor are both similar, with a good measure of comedic violence, and drama (the good kind). I honestly dont see someone liking one without liking the other.


Both Toradora and Clannad are based in a high school with some rather odd people, many of the characters have similarities but the main thing that joins these two togethor is the plot. If you liked one then you will definately like the otherr.


I'd say these are both very similar is production value and quality. The art style reminds me of one another. If toradora made an after story I believe they would easily be contenders for best of romance.


Clannad and Toradora are both a very heart warming story. Its more evident in Clannad then Toradora but its still touching. The main male leads are also very simliar although in Toradora Teh main male doesn't mean to be a delinquent. Other Charaters are also similar as well as story. If you want a more dramatic anime go for Clannad but Toradora is also just as good.


Taiga and Nagisa are pretty much opposites; but Tomoya and Takasu are kinda the same. Both anime are a school-related love, drama, and comedy like anime. Very cute if I may add, and you always want to watch the next episode once you finished one. Clannad is one of my favorites, and now toradora (After finishing it just yesterday) Is another. I also reccomend Kimi Ni Todoke.



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Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi

Have a problem? Talk to Otogi Bank, a student aid group that helps people get what they need – for a hefty price. Led by Liszt Kiriki and staffed by tsundere Ryouko, inventor Majolica, jealous Otohime, flirtatious Tarou, serious Alice, nervous Ryoushi and maid Otsuu, Otogi Bank assists with everything from helping break into a rival school to convincing an upperclassman to not quit a sports team. Can Otogi Bank manage to make all their clients happy, and most importantly, will Ryoushi ever manage to win Ryouko’s heart?

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They both have the same type of humor, both main heroines are compared to beasts (Taiga = Tiger, Ookami = Wolf), both Taiga and Ookami are violent Tsundere. The animation is also very similar. The only difference between the anime romance-wise is that the guy fell in love with the girl on the 1st episode in Ookami-san, whereas in Toradora; they fell in love with each other part way through the series.


Watching both animes you'll know exactly why these two animes are a good match.  The animations are alike and so are the main female protagonists.  Ookami and Taiga look exactly alike with exactly the same attitude.  If you liked one of these animes then you'll definitely like the other.


Both animes resemble each other in the chrackter design ( Ookami & Taiga could be sisters ^^), the setting (high school) and the interaction between the two main charackters. So if you watched Toradora you should consider watching Ookami or the other way around


Both series are romantic comedies that each resolve around tsundere females leads and the weaker male lead counterparts.  Each series does a good job of balancing romance and comedy.  Toradora does have a much more actual school life feel to it than Ookami-san.  Ookami-san does tend to have a little bit more action to it that Toradora doesn't have.  But both are good watches for a story of love and comedy.


Toradora and Ookami-san focus on the same old cookie cutter tsundere character with a dash of romance, so definitely fans of one will appreciate the other.


Although their plots are a bit different, some of the characters' personalities are extremely alike. They both have a similar (and great!) sense of humor intertwined throughout the episodes. Along with this, they are both made by the studio J.C.Staff... and one even makes a cameo appearance in the other! Though Toradora! may focus more on symbolism and metaphors while Ookami-san on humor, both are extremely clever and have funny, interesting and wonderful characters and storylines.


Both were produced by J.C.Staff. Art styles are similar. Character dynamics are similar.

Ookami-san is a great short series that implements aspects of common fairy tales.


In the romance aspect they start out differently but in the aspect a bossy girl, they are very much the same.Still I liked them both and I bet that if you liked one you will like the other :) 


well the story lines are actually not really alike..... but both storys are about young teens in different conflicts in high school. And the main character in my opinion is the same person in both animes XD


both are made by J.C Staff and both leading ladies are spitting images of each other,abiet Taiga being the shorter of the two.heroines are some of the best protrayed tsundere characters ive seen yet. both have some bit of action here and there..anyway if you liked one give the other a go


Toradora and Ookami have a lot of things in common and both has the capacity to tie you in into the story because of the subtlety of the main character's tenderness. I said subtle, because most of the time, ookami-san tends to hide her feelings and act all tsundere but manages us to draw back in with her emotions. I really like the similarity of this to toradora, but the story behind the main characters will make you even more drawn to it.


There are countless similarities between Ookami-san and Toradora! First of all, apart from the fact that they are both produced by the same company (Be sure not to miss the Toradora and To Aru Kagaku no Railgun cameos in Ookami-san!) there's the two tsundere female protagonists who resemble each other enough to be mother and daughter... However, while Ookami-san to Shichinin is perhaps more lighthearted, whereas Toradora! concentrates more on the romance than the gags.

If you're a fan of the "Violent Tsundere" genre, these two series should be your first choices and, if you liked one of them, don't miss the other!


First off anime that have cameo appearences of characters from other animes tell you one thing. They are very similar and you should watch the other. Both are romance stories, you're going to like. Taiga and Ookami are very very similar, Ookami's just taller other than that they are the same.


Actually, The first time I saw Ookami-san I thought she's Taiga, because they look quite the same...

Both series features tundere female lead which I really love although ookami took longer time to realize her feelings...

But I am really certain that if you like one of them you'll like the other...


Both anime have a leading female who is a tsundere and has a cheerful best friend. Both contain a romance between the main male and female character.


I would like to say that if you liked either fo the animes than you WILL like the other. for me Ookami-san to shichinin no nakama-tachi felt like a more refined Toradora! but with different aspects.


the main couples are similar in character. tunder+normal personality guy. botha nimes are sclice of life and i definetly recommend both of them if you want to watch a cute slice of life anime 


Both of these animes come to show that tsunderes aren't always so spiteful and can have a charm to them as well. Toradora focuses more on romance while Ookami is more involved in shenanigans, both series have engaging character interactions that can garner universal appeal.

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Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

President of the Student Council at the almost-all-boys Seika High School, the hard-as-nails Misaki Ayuzawa works every day to make life easier on the small population of co-eds who have enrolled there. Though an unholy terror to all things male during school hours, in order to provide for her impoverished family, she secretly works after school at a maid cafe in Akihabara. However, when campus hottie Usui Takumi wanders into the restaurant during her shift, suddenly she finds her reputation in school at his mercy...

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I your looking for more romantic anime then you should look no further because Kaichou Wa Maid Sama is an anime that shows love in every episode and with each episode you'll fall in love with the characters as the take you deep into more dramatic scenes and you'll never get tired of the comedy and the funny moments .


If I was to make a list of the absolute best romance animes in existence, these two would own spots 1 and 2. I cannot praise either series as much as they deserve, but if you watch them I won't have to!

Each episode of both shows had me laughing until my stomach was sore, in a good way ;). Each show has an absolutely hilarious cast that suppliment the main characters very well.

Any show can make you laugh, but the real beauty of Toradora and Maid-sama lies within romantic aspect. One minute you'll be laughing like crazy, and the next you'll find yourself immersed in those little romantic moments that just put a smile on your face and give you butterflies.

Oh, and they both have a very satisfying ending. I know for a fact that if you liked one, you'll love the other. I enjoyed both from start to finish, and I know you will too! :D


Each of these series mix great comedy and romance together while following a tsundere lead. Toradora is much more harem-y, and has better comedy and romance/drama, IMO, but if you like one, it is worth checking out the other.


Both anime have a strong male lead and a tsundere female lead.Not only this but in both cases the female lead acts strong but has her own problems that make her show her weak side.


Both are Romance, the girls are masculine and strong, comedy ^-^ !

Both are fun and school life !

I think those two anime similar more than any 2 anime ^-^


Both are romantic comedy animes....Higly enjoyable! The main female leads are strong and know when to take stand. Also both represernt high school life. I highly recommend the two.


These two shows both offer a great plot that is completed in a short anime series. You will be staying up saying, "Only one more!" You actually will watch until you pass out! These shows are perfectly alike in everyway!


Both Toradora and Maid-sama focus on school life and romance, they are both very amusing, the female leads are very similar in many aspects, and both endings are very nice. The graphics are lovely in both anime, as well.I really loved them since, although being romantic comedies and shoujos, they aren't that foolish and childish: the characters are very interesting and they develop strong and mature feelings for each other. The relationship between the leading characters has a nice development in both anime, as well, although things happen differently in each case.If you have seen and liked one of them you will most certainly like the other.  


If you liked Toradora! you have to watch Kaichou wa Maid-sama! and the other way. These two animes are very funny and the romance is great and cute and alos the character in theses animes are just great. If you liked Taiga Aisaka you will also like Misaki Ayuzawa, trust me. Just watch these animes. Do it!


These two are both romantic shoujo series with some comedy elements, in school settings.

The main characters are very similar. This means they have some similar dynamics, but the two shows treat the relationships between the protagonists very distinctly.

The supporting casts are also very different, which means watching Toradora and Maid-sama right after each other won't be too much of the same. If you like one you should check out the other.


they are similar, both anime have tsunderes as their main protagonists, both Taiga and Misaki fell in-love with the guy they once hated, their love stories are full of surprises, that's why it's very fun to watch....


Both animes are fantastic. They have great romance and likeable characters. The females are both a bit hotheaded and competitive, while the males are calm and collected. The graphics are also great of both of them and the animes are set in modern times. I recommend one would definitely like these both, especially if they've watched the other.

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