Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Alt titles: My Little Monster


AngelBeatsYui's avatar By on Aug 10, 2014

Warning this review may contain spoilers:

So this is my review for 'Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun' or in english 'My little Monster'. This story is quite close to you typical high school story but at the same time it's not, weird right. The story is basically a developing love between the main two characters Haru, who has a past full of twists and turns and fights, and Shizuku, a study nerd who can't leave studying. Along the way a bunch of other characters who come in to surround these two and each had their own part to their love story. The story is actually quite well developed and there is room for a second series. I think they brought each character into the story at the perfect times which in the end helped to create a very good anime which might now be in my top 10. The animation was just spot on, I didn't see any problems and like the manga had a very detailed art. I liked how they stuck just about to how the manga was; the story is quite similar in this way. 

The music, I loved the opening had a fast tempo and fun to listen to. The ending I listened to a couple of times just to get to the previews or I would of forgotten about watching them (which made me laugh every time). The voice acting was spot on I think that each voice was quite different and fit each character pretty well. To me the characters were varied and there wasn't really one character that you would hate, each character seems to grow on you even the ones that are meant to be the bad guys. This is a great feature in my opinion.

So in conclusion this is not your typical high school anime, the story as amazing and I personally really enjoyed it. And if maybe it was 25 episodes or in the near future we get a second series that Mark might go up. So that ends this review here, thank you for reading!


8/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
Demelza's avatar By on Jan 2, 2013

My Little Monster, yet another romantic comedy in a season stuffed full of anime trying to fit into that genre, the sad thing in My Little Monster's case is that it isn't strong enough by any means to hold its own against the other, arguably better, shows it was put against. Even if it hadn't fallen into a season like this, it's still quite weak for its genre.

We have our lead female character, Shizuku, and our male, Haru. Shizuku mets Haru after being asked to get him to come to school (he's the type of guy who gets into fights and generally isn't liked all that much, and thus has decided to stay at home). Shizuku succeeds in what she sets out to do, however after spending so much time around her, Haru quickly falls for our young student and all madness breaks out. But this is really where the show begins to struggle, the first couple of episodes work up to the big moment where Haru tells Shizuke that he loves her, to which she turns him down for the moment, and then things go very slowly. It's clear the two characters have some feelings for one another, but not a lot of progress is made in their relationship, which isn't really helped by the fact the two just don't seem suited to one another, and Shizuke would much rather study than get too involved with Haru. The show seems to hope that the comedy it offers will make up for the lack of real romantics, but it tends to get old after the first few episodes and can't continue to hold your interest as much as it may have done at the start.

So what does the show offer to keep viewers? Well, it has to be said that Shizuke actually is quite an interesting character. Watching how she works through problems, such as why she gets so hot and bothered around Haru, or what it's like to have friends, is always amusing and she feels very real in what she thinks and feels. Of course, the fact she'd rather look after herself and study hard can only be looked on as a good thing too. That said, one interesting character doesn't really make a show and nothing else will grab you off the bat and the rest of the side characters, while interesting in their own right, aren't enough to grab your interest. A rival for Shizuke's love is introduced halfway through the series, and while seeing Haru's reaction is highly amusing, the move backfires on itself because again Shizuke is just not interested in a relationship with either of them even if she does have feelings for Haru, to have her really act on them seems to be asking a little too much of the show. But then, summed up that is the show; a slow moving love story which never quite gets there in the end. The characters, setting and story are an interesting idea, but it just can't hold its own against the better shows out there, especially once its comedy loses its charm. The ending is suitably cute and touching for what the series set out to do, but again it isn't quite enough to make it feel like the story was worth bothering with.

When it comes to animation the show actually is quite nice. More attention has been put into character designs than it has any scenery, but that isn't too much of a bad thing as it tends to suit the overall feel quite well. The animation doesn't feel as lifelike as other shows of the genre, but that too works in its favour offering fans of the genre a nice change if they want it.

Where music comes into things the show has a very nice opening and ending theme which suits the overall fun feel of the show quite well. Anything used within the episodes tends to feel overused (even if it isn't the same piece of music, they'll often feel alike), and certain tunes feel just a little bit too soft for a show which is trying so hard to be a somewhat crazy comedy, but it doesn't ruin things by any means.

Overall the show tries its best, the romantic side of things may feel quite lost, and the comedy gets quite old fast, but if you can overlook that and become fond of the many characters it isn't an awful show, just one which got a bit lost on its path and feels like it would have suited just being a comedy perfectly well, at least then enough focus could have been on that side of things where it could have worked really well for all 13 episodes.

4/10 story
6.5/10 animation
4/10 sound
4/10 characters
4.5/10 overall
maggiejwolf's avatar By on Apr 19, 2015

I love this anime but most of all I love haru hes amazing and the fact that hes super strong and extremely childish yet hes smart and passionate its wierd but in a good way if u know what I mean XD.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
llVIU's avatar By on Oct 17, 2012

There are basically 2 ways you can view this anime, as a sort of one-shot of just one episode, or watch the rest of the episodes.

The first episode is pretty good, a strange girl and a strange boy meet, apparently they're both cold hearted, but they show their "romantic" (overstatement) side only to each other, ending nicely with a kiss.

After the first episode you'll think this is a mediocre slice-of-life anime with hardly anything new or interesting (other than trying to make a copy of an imitation of a cheap sort of randomness here and there which boils down to worthless attempts at humor)... but that's because it is.

The reason I say that you can view it as watching the first episode and ending it there, is because by the second episode it sort of turns the tables for no apparent reason, somewhat from "boy likes girl" to "girl likes boy" simply because of the whim that "ALL ANIMES MUST HAVE OVERLY SHY PEOPLE, EVERYONE MUST BE SHY, SHY, SHY, ARGHHHHH", but the real sh**storm is in the 3rd episode...

girl: I love you, boy

boy: I love you, girl

girl: no, it can't work out 

WHAT'S THE PROBLEM? I'm staring at the screen, and I can barely comprehend this, it looks like some sort of female logic nightmare (taken to the extreme then put in a blender), out of all the hundreds of love stories I've seen, this has to be by far the most stupid logic I have ever seen... it's like a sort of interesting, but not in the good way... you watch it and figure it out for yourself, because I have no words to describe this... something about guy wanting to put his junk in her and her wanting to be romantic. Oh no, boy and girl, this is unique only to you two, no one else on the planet has ever been in this situation, except uhm... everyone.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
4/10 overall
LinXitoW's avatar By on Dec 30, 2013

Just watching the first episode will immediately tell you, if you actually like the rest.

The characters are wonderfully weird and the opposite of one-dimensional. Theres no "this is a tsundere, we'll make her do tsundere things for fun", but more "This is a human with these traits, how would they react?".

I also love the strong female lead. Shes NOT defined just by her interactions with guys. She has her own goals and "dont need no man". It's a great change of pace having the guy be more dependent than the female.

6/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall