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When they were young, Kazuki and her older sister Hatsune had Yuuji and his little sister Marie as next door neighbors; and while Kazuki developed a crush Yuuji, he and his family moved away for ten years, much to her dismay. Now, the duo is finally returning, and Kazuki eagerly awaits his arrival; she still has a crush on him, and wants to finally confess her love to the handsome and debonair man that Kazuki has become – or has he? Unfortunately for Kazuki, Yuuji has “evolved” into a typical teenage pervert who can’t keep his hands off her. Family isn’t much help, as Hatsune helps Yuuji at every chance she can get, while Marie and her air gun are ready to lay down the law at a moment’s notice. With hormones raging and hands groping, will Kazuki retain her feelings for Yuuji?

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Jehowi Sep 21, 2013
Score 5.8/10

Storyline 5. After a recess of 10 years, Kazuki’s former neighbour and childhood crush Yuuji and his sister decide to move into their former house again. Kazuki, looking forward to see her former neighbours again, desperately wants to know what has become of her former lover boy, imagining him in her dreams as a handsome, benevolent and well-behaved young man. But she couldn’t have... read more

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veldor Dec 22, 2012
Score 1.5/10

What ever you do stay away from this one people. I WARNED YOU! For those who want to watch this for the ecchi you will be greatly disappointed. All you get is a perverted retard and a selfish bitch that beats the shit out of him because of her legs being humped. Story: Well there is no story. Its more like episodic with a short story somewhere hidden away. Animation: Not a lot of ecchi... read more

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