Tokyo Underground

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Beneath Tokyo lies a city whose inhabitants have inherited a natural ability to control the elements. After a civil uprising, two girls surface from the sub-terra in a bid to escape from this secret world. Together, Chelsea and Ruri  stumble upon Asagi Rumina, a man who becomes determined to protect them from those who would pursue the maiden of life. After a close encounter with death, Rumina learns that he must develop a skill of his own to keep his newfound friends safe, especially as it seems to be his responsibility to stop the impending doom rising to take over the planet’s surface. Will his power of wind be enough to take on The Company, or will he be forced to kneel before those brandishing electricity, ice and shadow?

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KiraRin May 15, 2010
Score 4/10

Spending a couple of years on my “want to watch” list, Tokyo Underground had been relegated to a growing list of forgotten titles. With a sudden (and misguided) urge to watch something dubbed whilst exercising, I dusted off the title and prepared for the unknown. Unfortunately, the show can be summarised as a promising premise that... read more

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KA24DERACER Feb 16, 2010
Score 4.5/10

STORYThe story was pretty good in this anime.  Simple and a little overplayed, but well scripted and it had good pacing.  Basically, a long time ago, an "underground" beneath tokyo was built for researchers to study and experiment with supernatural phenomenon.  The most notably were dragons.  The dragons were awakened however, and the people on the surface, fearing the dragons... read more

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Tokyo Underground
  • Vol: 14; Ch: 84
  • 1997 - 2005



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