Tokyo Ravens

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As a descendant of the famous Tsuchimikado shaman clan, Harutora is a failure; he has no talent, can't grasp magical theory, and can't even see spirits! Thankfully, his cousin Natsume is the heir to the family line instead, but unfortunately for the girl, it puts her in the crosshairs of other shamans who hold grudges against their clan or seek to exploit her power for their own. To help keep her safe from the dangerous world of the supernatural, Harutora decides to become Natsume’s familiar and protector. So together, they learn about magical techniques, banishing spirits, and fighting together as a team - while doing their best to keep Natsume out of harm's way.

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vongolajake's avatar
vongolajake Mar 25, 2014
Score 9.1/10

Tsuchimikado Harutora was born into the prestigious Onmyoji family, but can't see "spirit energy". Therefore, he's been enjoying a peaceful daily life with his friends at the Onmyo branch school. One day, his childhood friend Tsuchimikado Natsume, heir to the head family, suddenly appears. Will this cause his destiny to spring into motion?! *this review is based mainly on my own opinions and... read more

Mynitemare's avatar
Mynitemare Mar 8, 2017
Score 8/10

Alright so this SHIZ right here. This will have spoilers but it will be marked. If your dumb enough to read where it says spoilers that's your own fault. Overall I was loving this anime. Good story with some plot twists, some feels, action, and all that jazz. What made me sad / annoyed with this anime was how it ended. SPOILERS BELOW MOFO. The ending leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth. Atleast for me... read more

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