Tokyo Marble Chocolate

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Chizuru loves Yuudai; Yuudai loves Chizuru. Yet neither of them can say it clearly because each is uncertain about the other’s feelings and is afraid of being hurt. Trapped by their insecurities in a relationship that’s going nowhere, they drift further and further apart. While Chizuru thinks this is the end of the road, Yuudai struggles desperately to overcome his cowardly nature before he loses what is most important to him. There are two stories to every relationship, but can love survive if they don’t meet halfway?

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VivisQueen Apr 6, 2008
Score 6.5/10

Have you ever been in a relationship which feels awkward although you are certain you love your partner, and this awkwardness could probably be resolved if only you knew what the other was thinking? Tokyo Marble Chocolate presents Chizuru and Yuudai, two lovers so insecure that they cannot for the life of them communicate their feelings - so the narrative does it for them, with each episode... read more

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LadyPsychic Jan 16, 2016
Score 8/10

Story Tokyo Marble Chocolate is a cute 2-episode OVA that tells the story of an insecure couple.  While it does have plenty of the cliches that you tend to see in romantic anime, it also has two things that help it stand out.  First of all, we see both characters' sides of the story (one side per episode) which is a neat concept.  Secondly, the mini-donkey adds a bit of crazyness and... read more

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Tokyo Marble Chocolate
  • Vol: 1; Ch: 2
  • 2007



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