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Tokimeki Memorial

Tokimeki Memorial
  • OVA (2 eps x 50 min)
  • 1999
2.699 out of 5 from 203 votes
Rank #3,378


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Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~ TV 2006 TBD

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Anoko ni 1000%

Anoko ni 1000%
  • OVA (1 ep x 10 min)
  • 1989

Azusa is not only the manager of the school’s soccer team, she’s also dating one of its players, Ikumi. However, recently Ikumi has been avoiding her, going home quickly instead of spending time with Azusa. What’s worse, she sees him walking home one day with a girl named Sayaka. Is Ikumi no longer faithful to Azusa?


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Tokimeki Memorial and Anoko ni 1000% are two older titles that focus on a girl and her somewhat ambiguous relationship (or desired relationship). Each has a similar amount of drama and slightly heavy tone at times.