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To Love-Ru OVA

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3.834 out of 5 from 5,622 votes
Rank #1,006


At Sainan High School, it's rare for a day to pass without the conversation turning to breasts. Today is no exception, and Lala - ever eager to win Rito's affections - is inspired to invent a device which will allow her to change the size of her chest to match his preference. However, the device goes horribly wrong and ends up turning the hapless Rito into a woman! Ogled and pursued by men, cared for and tolerated by women, Rito soon discovers the ups - and downs - of life as a girl.

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Name Role
Yuichi OUKA Character Design
Takao KATO Director
Takeshi WATANABE Music
Saki HASEMI Original Manga Creator
Takatoshi CHINO Producer
Nobuhiro NAKAYAMA Producer
Hiroyuki YONEMASU Producer
Makoto OOYOSHI Producer
Masanori GOTO Producer
Takeshi TANAKA Producer

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