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Rito Yuki is a bumbling boy who wants nothing more than to confess his love to the lovely Haruna, but a variety of obstacles always seems to stand in his way. One day, while relaxing in his bathtub Rito found his hands full - literally - with the breasts of a strange alien girl named Lala who suddenly appeared in his lap! She is the princess of Planet Deviluke, and she has run away from home to escape the prospect of an arranged marriage; and unfortunately for Rito, his accidental groping is the traditional engagement ritual of his otherworldly guest! Deviluke's emperor will destroy Earth if Rito backs down from his "proposal," but all he really wants to do is be with Saruyama! Naked antics, magical powers, misunderstandings, Lala's marriage-happy family and Rito's own shyness are many of the barriers he must face in his attempt to win the real love of his life – that is, if Lala doesn't win him over first!

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therik's avatar by therik on Nov 26, 2008
Score: 3/10

Oftentimes, the arrival of a pink-haired, amply bosomed alien girl would be cause for great joy and celebration amongst the male population of the globe. Quite how To Love-Ru takes this premise and turns it into an unsatisfactory 12 hours is anyone's guess. I suppose, with my stall set out thus, you might expect a brutal savaging of the series, but it is my nature to at least attempt to give... read more

GeniusPotato's avatar by GeniusPotato on Oct 24, 2014
Score: 10/10

**** THIS REVIEW IS SPOILER FREE SO DON'T WORRY **** To Love Ru? what can i say, words can't even describe the feelings and emotions that dwelled within me throughtout this series. Others would have different opinions torwards this series, and i accept that, but this has to be one of my favourites. Story - 9: The main plot line in this so sincere it kills me metaphorically and literally. As the story... read more

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