To Heart

TV (13 eps)
2.825 out of 5 from 2,327 votes
Rank #3,476

Hiroyuki Fujita's only distinguishing trait appears to be his perpetual laziness... but he has something about him that lets him make friends with girls easily, and has a kind side that his childhood friend Akari loves. Follow their 'everyday adventures' in high school with this light schoolkid comedy.

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jkhuskies's avatar by jkhuskies on Dec 4, 2014
Score: 6/10

Spoilers, you have been warned! I had my hopes up because everyone I talk to mentioned To Heart as a really good anime to start getting into anime.  For me it seemed alright, it’s actually very well done in terms of story, art, sound but it lacks character.  For those that are after a non-stop action roller coaster or an end of the world melodrama, you won’t find it here. To Heart... read more

desertkitsune's avatar by desertkitsune on Nov 17, 2009
Score: 8/10

For all that I heard about this anime I sort of expected a masterpiece, but as with Cowboy Bebop I didn’t hold my breath, and thus I was not disappointed when it wasn’t. Though I am still wondering why this anime in particular is held in such high regards amongst the diehard anime fanatics, I still would recommend this anime to anyone. I really have only two complaints about this show: One... read more

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