To Heart 2 OVA

OVA (3 eps)
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Takaki, Yuuji, Tamaki, Komaki and the rest of the gang are back, and ready for more adventures. Yuuji is aroused - err, thrilled - to have a new maid robot named Ilfa in the house, and tries his best to take as many perverted videos of her chest and nether regions as possible; the girls take a trip to the beach, where more videotaping is attempted; and everyone works hard on getting the school’s festival planned and running. It’s all in a day’s work for this group of friends!

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james4888's avatar by james4888 on Oct 13, 2010
Score 6/10

This anime is more of a slow moving love story between two young kids that have been freinds forever. Ive only watched the first ep. eh im just not into slow moving romantics... sorry ladies. read more

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