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Custom Lists

Must Watch Before You Die!by Halex

(Only the first anime for a series is on the list)

Favourite Animesby LoveProgram

I highly recommend these animes! [In no specific order!]

Personal favourite animesby AlfredVintSvent

These are simply personal favourites and say nothing about how 'bad' or 'good' the anime objectively is. Entries added individually; if a prequel or sequel isn't listed, it wasn't one of my favourites.

WATCH ME SENPAI!by willowwisp

I really...REALLY need to give these a shot )O) #FallingBehind

Anime I Really Likeby PioTan

My top (11-30) anime that I really like but aren't in my top 10 favorites

Next up!by Signas

A note to myself. Anime that I will watch next. In no order and I might end up watching something compeletely different