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Current Favorite Animeby yoruikari

(Last Updated: 1-17-17) Not to be confused with my Favorite Anime list, which lists my favorite anime of all time; this refers to ones I'm currently more obsessed with. This list only includes the series' most recent season, or the last one I...

Must Watch Before You Die!by Halex

(Only the first anime for a series is on the list)

Favourite Animesby LoveProgram

I highly recommend these animes! [In no specific order!]

Personal favourite animesby AlfredVintSvent

These are simply personal favourites and say nothing about how 'bad' or 'good' the anime objectively is. Entries added individually; if a prequel or sequel isn't listed, it wasn't one of my favourites.

WATCH ME SENPAI!by willowwisp

I really...REALLY need to give these a shot )O) #FallingBehind

Anime I Really Likeby PioTan

My top (11-30) anime that I really like but aren't in my top 10 favorites