Tiger & Bunny

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In Sternbuild City, corporate logos not only cover billboards, but also the costumes of the super-powered heroes that act as its protectors. Veteran and newcomer warriors of justice alike compete in a reality TV show that offers points for apprehending criminals while giving champions' sponsors a chance to promote their brand. When the low-ranking Wild Tiger loses his backing after a string of outrageous, botched rescues, he finds himself paired with an up-and-coming spotlight-seeker called Barnaby. But with their wildly different personalities, will the pair be able to save their beloved Sternbuild City and win the game show, or will their constant tension be the undoing of the world's first hero team?

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Hesse's avatar by Hesse on Oct 8, 2011
Score: 7.5/10

My first impressions of Tiger & Bunny were skeptical at best; a show about mascot superheroes plastered with corporate logos brings to mind some dubious product placement anime. Or even worse, the cutesy title could've foreshadowed some hybrid ecchi fest involving bestiality. Luckily, T&B isn't as shallow as it might suggest... read more

ReaperNeku's avatar by ReaperNeku on Sep 9, 2011
Score: 10/10

I can say this is a wonderful anime, right from the very first episode. With original designs of costumes, and wonderful voice acting, one can call this anime a smashing hit of the year! I agree, with the storyline also on par with the designs, it's no wonder this anime get sponsers, even big-shots, such as S.H. Figurarts, Amazon.jp, Pepsi, and all those good stuff. To really bump it up more is the writers'... read more

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