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Those Who Hunt Elves II

Alt titles: Elf wo Karu Monotachi II

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3.475 out of 5 from 1,411 votes
Rank #1,735


With Celcia having botched the ritual to send our heroes, Junpei, Airi, and Ritsuko home to their own world (not in the least due to Junpei’s loud mouth…), the trio must once again set out to collect spell fragments tattoed on the bodies of unsuspecting female elves. With literally thousands of fragments to collect, they, along with their cat-spirited tank, encounter everything from Satan Santa to the legendary pillows that make your dreams come true…

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Those Who Hunt Elves TV 1996 Prequel

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Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Those Who Hunt Elves 1995 TBD
Name Role
Keiji GOTOH Character Design
Hiroshi FUKUTOMI Director
Hideki TSUTSUMI Music
Yu YAGAMI Original Manga Creator
Toshiki OONICHI Producer

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Title Author Score Date
Those Who Hunt Elves II angelsreviews 5/10 Aug 6, 2013
Elf wo Karu Monotachi II angelsreviews 5/10 Aug 6, 2013
List Title Username Entries Date
Comedy angelsreviews 39 Jul 25, 2013
ほしい itchilover 104 Dec 10, 2012
Anime I own on DVD. blackmesaboy 177 Jun 19, 2012
Fishfreeek rated the Those Who Hunt Elves II anime 4/5 stars
Fishfreeek watched Those Who Hunt Elves II at 12 of 12 episodes
SoraiaFesta wants to watch Those Who Hunt Elves II
rdubon wants to watch Those Who Hunt Elves II
keinx watched Those Who Hunt Elves II at 12 of 12 episodes

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An Earth girl named Maze suddenly finds herself and her house in a strange and magical forest, with no memory of how she got there (or much else for that matter). When she answers a knock at her door, she finds that she saved a princess named Mill when her house landed on Mill's pursuers. As they set out upon their journey, they are attacked by evil demi-humans and demi-armors - but all is not lost! It turns out that Maze has some kind of mystical powers, and Mill can summon a powerful demi-armor of her own. While Maze's powers are strong during the day, she has little control over them. Once night falls however, Maze transforms into a man; this version of Maze has even stronger powers and seems to have complete control over them. As they make more friends during their journey, it seems that everyone wants to get intimate with the female Maze, and the male Maze wants to get intimate with every female!

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In Those Who Hunt Elves (II), after failure of the first series, the party needs to get out of the world still... There old world is starting to pop up in the elf world... They end up hunting for Elves ALL OVER AGAIN. This is a must once you finish the first series.

In Maze, a brother and sister becomes someone named Maze (male at night, and female in day), and came to a strange world to escape there own. They end of protecting the new world by changing it.=

The animes have oposite goals, but have ironic twists that are the same, but same time trying to go in different directions. The ideas of the characters are the same though, they must fight to get what they want, and thats what tanks from the real world are for, just like battle suits in maze are for.

Rune Soldier

Rune Soldier

Louie is a student at a mage’s school, but secretly yearns for adventure. One night he meets a group of treasure hunters: Melissa, a Mylee priestess; Genie, a warrior; and Merill, a thief. They are in need of a mage so Louie volunteers to join them, but they decline his offer when they witness his poor mage skills. The next day, Melissa prays to her god to guide her to the hero she should serve. Her god replies that the next man she sees will be her hero, after which Louie literally falls down from the sky! Against her will, Louie is the hero she should honor and thus, Louie is accepted into their group. He is now a treasure hunter, mage, warrior, and hero?! With little expertise in anything, he can't possibly be of much use!

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Those Who Hunt Elves II and Rune Soldier have a lot in similarity like "One guys surrounded by women and that guy doesn't even know how lucky he is ... but thats not the point between these two. Both have their adventures in which they take and it's funny the whole way. Rune Soldier has a lot of the same humor as Those Who Hunt Elves II. There's magic in both these anime as well and something always goes wrong. If you liked Those Who Hunt Elves II then you should pick up a copy of Rune Soldier, you'll have a blast with it too.