Those Who Hunt Elves II

Alt titles: Elf wo Karu Monotachi II

TV (12 eps)
3.53 out of 5 from 1,502 votes
Rank #1,792

With Celcia having botched the ritual to send our heroes, Junpei, Airi, and Ritsuko home to their own world (not in the least due to Junpei’s loud mouth…), the trio must once again set out to collect spell fragments tattoed on the bodies of unsuspecting female elves. With literally thousands of fragments to collect, they, along with their cat-spirited tank, encounter everything from Satan Santa to the legendary pillows that make your dreams come true…

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angelsreviews's avatar by angelsreviews on Aug 6, 2013
Score: 5/10

Wow… this is, um, different. It feels that they sort of ripped off Slayers and Lost Universe with the different dimensions that the characters cross over. Hoe a high school girl gets her hands on a tank, not to mention all the guns and ammo she has, I will never know. Not to mention, she actually knows how to use them well. Jumpei is really freaken stupid and does tick me off. I have heard of stupid... read more

CaptainSlow's avatar by CaptainSlow on Dec 13, 2014
Score: 7.5/10

What I Liked: The soundtrack is bright and lively, albeit much more dated than the first season's. The character designs are just as great as the first season's. Animation is more dynamic and a little more polished, with more comic-style sight gags. Junpei gaining a catchphrase this time around. The opening and closing themes are almost instant earworms. The fact that the dynamic between the leading ladies... read more

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