The Wind Rises

Alt titles: Kaze Tachinu

Movie (1 ep x 127 min)
4.375 out of 5 from 1,781 votes
Rank #173

Inspired by the aesthetics of design and the freedom of flying, Jiro Horikoshi pursues a life dedicated to the creation of a beautiful aircraft. He labors from his childhood, filled with dreams of engineering, to adulthood as he creates an elegant, flightworthy plane—the Mitsubishi A6M Zero—that eventually is used for something quite different than he expected: war.

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Mariisa's avatar by Mariisa on Mar 7, 2014
Score: 9/10

Story | 8/10
Fast-paced telling of a story that emphasizes the significance of dreams. "The Wind Rises" also leaves one in awe of the technological development of Tokyo, Japan during World War II. Though I found some parts of the story could have been a little further elaborated, the film itself is still a masterfully told tale.  The story of "The Wind Rises" takes place during... read more

Devvy's avatar by Devvy on Feb 18, 2015
Score: 10/10

One of the greatest movies I've ever seen, and a stunning final piece of work from Studio Ghibli. Buy it on BluRay, keep it as a timeless classic that it is destined to be. I highly enjoyed this beautiful masterpiece and am almost positive that anyone else who is a fan of Ghibli movies will.  read more



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