The Rolling Girls

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The Rolling Girls

In the wake of the Great Tokyo War, Japan, as the world once knew it, no longer exists. What remains is a fragmented network of independent nations ruled by heroes known as Bests. Each Best commands an army made of the Rest as they seek to conquer anyone in their path. Enter Nozomi, Yukina, Ai, and Chiaya. These four intrepid and adorable girls are ordered by their Best to travel across the country by motorcycle, keeping a watchful eye on the field of battle wherever they encounter violence between warring nations!

Source: Funimation

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CaptainSlow's avatar
CaptainSlow Dec 25, 2015
Score 8/10

What I Liked: The very colourful visuals, coupled with the dreamy watercolour-esque backgrounds. The first two episodes were incredibly strong as an opening to the series. The character designs were appropriately youthful. The fact that the series is seperated into arcs made the series feel fresh when it could've become stale fast. Good character development between the main quartet. The... read more

acwilliams88's avatar
acwilliams88 Jul 8, 2015
Score 6/10

The begining was great with Macha Green and her rival, but when the showed became about her sister, I dropped interest. I finsished to see if it would make a turn, which it did at the end. The whole purpose of the story was unclear and made it hard to follow. I don't want to spoil anything, but I was under impressed. It would be like watching Kill la Kill or Gurren Laggan, then swithcing over to watch K-on. read more

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