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Prince of Tennis

Alt titles: Tennis no Ouji-sama, The Prince of Tennis

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3.877 out of 5 from 6,838 votes
Rank #925


Meet Ryoma Echizen, the cocky prince of tennis. He comes to Japan from America where he is known as the Prince of Tennis – but that is no surprise considering he is the son of the former tennis pro, Nanjiroh Echizen, otherwise known as the Samurai! Upon transferring to the school Seishun Gakuen, he meets the regulars of the tennis club, and becomes the first freshman to become a regular; but he has a lot to learn yet about being a tennis star. Ryoma, along with the rest of his teammates, aspire to win the Nationals; but first, they must defeat the other teams which stand in their way!

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Name Role
Akiharu ISHII Character Design
Takayuki HAMANA Director
Cheru WATANABE Music
Takeshi KONOMI Original Manga Creator
Yoko MATSUSHITA Producer
Yutaka SUGIYAMA Producer
Keisuke IWATA Producer
Tomoko TAKAHASHI Producer
Takeshi NAKAI Producer

Official Editorial Reviews

Title Author Score Date
Prince of Tennis cassiesheepgirl 8/10 Jul 23, 2009
Tennis no Ouji-sama cassiesheepgirl 8/10 Jul 23, 2009
The Prince of Tennis cassiesheepgirl 8/10 Jul 23, 2009

Community Reviews

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Title Author Score Date
Tennis no Ouji-sama tennis101101 8.5/10 Nov 7, 2013
The Prince of Tennis tennis101101 8.5/10 Nov 7, 2013
Prince of Tennis tennis101101 8.5/10 Nov 7, 2013
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Recommendations if you like Prince of Tennis

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Hajime no Ippo

Hajime no Ippo

Ippo Makunouchi is a loser. He has no friends, he spends his free time helping his mom with work, and he's constantly being beaten up by bullies. But that all changes when one day he's saved from another beating by Takamura, an up-and-coming boxer. Soon, Ippo turns his life around with a passion for the newly discovered sport, but his new lifestyle is far from easy! Before he can even dream of becoming champion, he'll have to overcome a slew of fierce rivals and learn what 'dedication' really means.

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Interested in a new sport, the main character has to overcome several rivals to become a champion. One boxes every episode, the other plays a match of tennis. If you like one, you'll definitely like the other too.
While the skill of the main characters is on opposite ends (one being pro quality and the other a beginner), both series follow the road to the top. Both series give great history on the designated sport so if you're unfamiliar with it, things will be explained throughout each episodes. Comedy is also thrown in every once in a while. Don't like sports? Don't worry, you don't have to!
Both Hajime and Prince of Tennis are typical epic sports drama anime, full of the usual stories of overcoming difficult opponents, etc. Hajime is about boxing and more realisitic than Prince of Tennis. Fans of the sports genre should enjoy both.
Again, Prince of Tennis and Hajime no Ippo have a presentation that make an otherwise borring subject (to me, at least) very exciting.

There aren't many good sports series out there, but Hajime no Ippo is one of the very good ones. It's very similar to Prince of Tennis in the way that you see them train and get better along the way as new challenges come. Even if you don't like sports at all these series make you interested in sports.

Almost everything in Hajime No Ippo and Prince of Tennis circles around one person. The humor in the series are top notch, you will laugh a lot when watching them, there aren't any episodes that are boring, and time will fly by really fast when watching these two series.


Both Prince of Tennis and Hajime no Ippo are great sport-based animes with the focus on a group of superstrong athletes. Even if the team aspect of the series is bigger in the Prince of Tennis, they are both really similar. If you liked one, I think you'll like the other.


Take normal sports and add litle Shounen Elements in to it.

In Prince of Tennis there are many difrent styles to play and difrent ways to hit that yellow ball.

In Hajime no Ippo pair of red boxing glowes in the hands of ippo turn in to way of life.


The two shows represent different sports: boxing and tennis. But their structure is similar, because the characters have to face stronger and stronger opponents gradually. They introduce the main characters' and also their opponents' backgrounds and past, too. On the other hand, Hajime no Ippo is more realistic, dramatic, provides more scenes from the characters every day lives and contains romance.  

Eyeshield 21

Eyeshield 21

Sena was always a weak child, constantly having to run away from bullies; so much, that he became good at it. Now, as a teenager, Sena’s skill at running has become so impressive that the diabolical mastermind of the school football team notices his talent and recruits him. Yet to keep his privacy intact and his dangerous hobby a secret from his overprotective childhood friend Mamori, Sena is forced to develop a secret identity: the ace running back, Eyeshield 21! But the world is full of talented rivals, and Sena has a long way to go until he can reach the top...

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6 people agree

Prince of Tennis and Eyeshield are both about sports (obviously) and they give you the same feeling. In both anime, a team wants to get to the top together, and both are filled with comedy.


Both Prince of Tennis and Eyeshield 21 are funny to watch and will get you interested in theirs sports, or at least get you to want to try.  Like many sports anime, they show that the determination and teamwork are needed for their players to win.


If you're a fan of sports and enjoyed The Prince of Tennis, you'd also like Eyeshield 21. Both plots revolve around a young prodigy who has to overcome many obstacles with their team in order to reach the top and become the best. The two series highlight teamwork, determination, and have a nicely played aspect of comedy that doesn't take away from the sense of urgency in heated matches.


They are both sports anime, and have a host of likeable characters. They both have funny fillers and comic reliief episodes, as well as good storyline based episodes. They're both also ridiculously long, so they'll keep you entertained for a while.


Both anime basically involve the main character training and participating in game after game as the peanut gallery cheers, watches in amazement, and comments of everything.


The thing about small sports geniuses is that they are both the underdog and the one with the upper hand - you can't help but root for them. Eyeshield 21 has Sena, a short freshman with superb speed. The Prince of Tennis has Ryoma, the short first year and tennis genius. Both anime have serious, suspenseful matches, but also a healthy dose of humor. The cast of characters in both are a wonderful range. Opponents are developed almost as well as some of the teammates.

I  am no sports fan, and was reluctant to watch both shows. But I was sorry to finish the last episode of both as well, for they ended up at least as entertaining as action anime. If you liked the Prince of Tennis, I highly recommend Eyeshield 21. And if you liked The Prince of Tennis, I'm 99.9% sure you'll like Eyeshield 21. You might want to take a break between them, though - neither are exactly short. :)

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Hikaru no Go

Hikaru no Go

While examining an old Go board in his grandfather's basement, twelve-year-old Shindo Hikaru is possessed by the restless spirit of Sai, an ancient Go master who has waited for over one thousand years to play the Hand of God: the perfect move. Sai convinces Hikaru to act as a vessel for making his moves, but it is soon clear that Hikaru also enjoys Go and wants to play his own games. Moreover, the rules of Go have changed since Sai's time, and Go players from all over the world are now much stronger, having had the benefit of hundreds of years of evolution and experimentation by the masters before them. Can this unlikely pair form a successful partnership and rise to the top of Japan's Go community, and can Sai finally play the Hand of God and find some peace?

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Main character, like Prince of Tennis, is a middle-school aged kid. Shindou, like Ryoma, is a talented prodigy who has an incredibly talented older mentor. On TV during similar time frame as PoT.
Start young and aim for the top, and not giving while on that bumpy road. Both lead characters in Hikaru no Go and Prince of Tennis follow this same dream and path. While both sport are totally different, the anime's resemble each other in the ever amusing anime-style of displaying sports in Anime. Both purposely exagerated in showing the sport and sprinkled with humor they'll provide you with a long watch that won't get boring on the long run for a change. Actually, seeing either of them once you finished the first(better is HNG since POT hasn't finished yet) is probably a good idea since the themes are so alike.
Both of the main characters are very talented, although Shindou from HnG took awhile to develop his skills. Throughout the series, the teams participate in many competitions and both Ryoma from PoT and Shindou improve their skills through training with their coach/teacher. Regardless of the fact that PoT focuses and develops all the characters whereas HnG is more focused on the main character, these two animes are really similar and you will enjoy them a lot.

Both of the series are about "athletes" (not sure if you can call a Go player an athlete) striving towards the top of the world. Character-wise I couldn't help but to feel that Ryoma and Akira Touya are quite similar. If you liked Prince of Tennis, I think you'll like Hikaru no Go.


Both PoT and HnG showcase a sport intricately, hightlighting its best features and detailing about the techniques involved.  Follow the growth of both main characters whether it's in their respective sport or in life.  In HnG, Hikaru grew from a flippant brash kid into a teenager with motivation and focus (though he never did outgrow his disrespect for the female population in general) and a passion for Go while in PoT, Ryoma grew from this Americanised anti-social brat who played tennis for the sole reason of beating his old man into a brat (still) who learned to appreciate his teammates and found his love for tennis.  Both these animes have a similar tension between the main character and their mentor of sorts, i.e. Hikaru and Akira in HnG and Ryoma and Tezuka in PoT.

If you love one, you will definitely love the other!  They will both pull you into their stories and spark your interest in their sports, whether it's tennis or Go.

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Hungry Heart - Wild Striker

Hungry Heart - Wild Striker

Kyousuke Kano aspires to become a professional soccer player but decides to quit after endless comparisons to his brother, who is a famous midfielder in AC Milan. However, things change when Kyousuke meets a girl who forces him to coach his school's women's soccer team; and soon thereafter, he rediscovers his love for the sport and decides to pick up the cleats once more. With Kyousuke's passion for the game, he aims to lead his team to the national tournament and win the hearts of many.


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Wild Striker and Prince of Tennis may be about different sports but they are both about a boy trying to reach his goal by facing off with stronger opponents until he reaches the top. Both have a light comical side and are a tad unrealistic.


For those who enjoy a cocky main character in a sports anime who already knows he's been blessed with talent, Prince of Tennis and Wild Striker have the main character you are looking for. I usually watch sports anime that involve the main character discovering they have talent in a sport, but these two anime were still a very nice contrast to what I usually watch.


If you love to see a lead character mature and develop through a sport in which he is talented or in which he is becoming really talented in a small amount of time, this isyour anime. Follow the journey of the lead character to see his beautiful end result.


If you like prince of tennis you'll like this. Particularly if you enjoyed watching Ryoma provoke the other players. There are 3 similar players in Wild striker. Or if you liked how cocky Ryoma was wild striker is a good match. i highly recommend it. :D 

Initial D

Initial D

18 year-old Takumi has been delivering tofu for his father's shop since he was 13, learning to drive fast in all weather conditions. One night he is seen racing down the mountain by Keisuke, one of the best amateur racers in Japan. Quickly overtaken by Takumi, Keisuke vows to challenge the White Hachi Roku and discover the mystery behind its driver's skills.


my list:

not rated
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Both Initial D and Prince of Tennis have a presentation that make an otherwise borring subject (to me, at least) very exciting. If you like Initial D, I also suggest the arcade game.
A hero nobody knew existed, when his hidden talent unfolds everyone is taken by surprise, both of these are very simular in that way...
the quiet kid that no one expects to do anything is a whiz at (insert anime title here) following this line of thinking, there is a clear parallel between these two animes... all in all youll be surprised at how much the feeling you get off of both of these is the same

Both revolve around a talented protagonist that was 'brought up' in their respective sport.  The main reason why each are so enjoyable (w/ maybe a few episodes of the pack that aren't so much) is because they each develop supporting characters and the interaction towards each other.  All in all very good times as I would presume if you liked one; you'll definitely like the other.

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