Prince of Light - The Legend of Ramayana

Alt title: Ramayana - Rama Ouji Densetsu

Movie (1 ep x 107 min)
3.221 of 5 from 100 votes
Rank #3,023

Prince Rama of Ayodhya is a wise and mighty warrior, believed to be an incarnation of the great God Vishnu. His prowess is virtually limitless; he slays mighty demons, wins a contest of strength to marry the beautiful Sita, and before long is announced as the successor to his father's throne. However, not everyone is happy with this turn of events. King Dasharatha is manipulated into naming another son, Bharata, as heir and banishes Rama to a forest for fourteen years. Accompanied by Sita and his brother Lakshama, Rama lives happily in the forests until the evil King Ravana concocts a dastardly plan to steal Sita away! Now Rama must rescue his wife and defeat the demonic King who has terrorized the land for years.

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therik's avatar
therik Apr 27, 2009
Score 3.5/10

Religious epics are always going to be hit or miss in terms of enjoyment value. Either you want to see the triumph of Good over Evil in a simplified but drawn out battle or you don't. Therefore, I would have to preface my review by stating that my failure to care for Ramayana is as much attributable to its nature as to its presentation or execution. With this said, the story is about as bland as... read more

Kachua's avatar
Kachua Mar 10, 2012
Score 9/10

Story: Everyone knows the story, or ought to - you aren't watching this to be surprised by plot twists! If you don't know the story, read Shri Ramcharitmanas or Valmiki's Ramayana; it's worth your time. My only complaint is that they skim a little too casually over points of potential controversy in various tellings (especially leaving out material from Valmiki). Animation: This was commissioned as a... read more



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