The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

Alt title: Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo


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It's not like I want a second season or anything, b-b-bakaaa!!!by RedMoonFox

Isn't there just some Anime series you would love to see more of? Well, here's my list for that. Of course I won't include series that already has another season ( not counting OVAs, specials, movies etc. ). The series also can't have an anime only...

Honest opinions and my fav animeby UnicornFatboy

You can find something for everybody i hope,its not ranked

♥ Cute Romance Anime ♥by shiinoro

This is a list of my favorite romance anime, recommended for newcomers to anime ♥

Secondary listby ByakuyaCZ

I'll exclude known and big series and i'll make a list made of less known animes I really like and from my perspectivity are worth watching or at least checking

Animes Que He Vistoby ByCreeperPRO

Lista De Animes Que He Visto

Mes recommandations [FR]by Pimrov

Voici mes recommandations, les mangas qui m'ont le plus marqué. Je vais mettre au fur et à mesure les raisons pour lesquelles ses animés sont dans cette listes. Il y a certains animés où ça fait longtemps que je ne les ai pas vu, que je...