The Irregular at Magic High School

Alt title: Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei


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Masterpiecesby HumanBeing

Most "good" anime are overrated trash that loved by morons with horrible judging skill. But these are most creative, and original anime ever invented. With innovative story, unforgettable OST, unique art, and interesting casts with outstanding...

All the Animes I've Watchedby doggylue08

Includes commentaries (I'll be updating so not all the animes will have commentaries at the moment)

Good to Watch Animeby khk76

no big title in this list or at least I tried :),hope this will be handy to remember some good titles, also hope it will help new comers to the anime world who always got hit with big titles

Anime Watched In 2017by kimbeey13

A list of the anime I watched in 2017. My goal is 50 series/movies this year (though that might be a bit excessive as shorts don't count, nor do series I started before 2017.). This list will be updated as I finish series and movies and will be...