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The Ideon: Be Invoked

Alt titles: Ideon: Be Invoked, Densetsu Kyojin Ideon/Hatsudou Hen

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Above the Buff Clan homeworld rises their complete fleet of battleships and heavy mobile mechas, dominated by the awesome majesty of their latest and most deadly superweapon. And even with all these forces, Supreme Commander Doba is troubled - he has staked the future of his entire people on this military might. Can the lethal weaponry prepared by the Ome Foundation truly prove sufficient to slay the Giant God of legend, Ideon? Meanwhile, on the Solo Ship, the Earthlings only want a planet they could escape to to avoid the endless attacks of the Buff Clan - a desire they know can never be. They cannot abandon the Ideon for fear of what others may try to do with its power, but they do not control it and its very existence among them only incites further bloodshed from their relentless foe. For the Solo Ship and the Buff Clan, the final conflict is rapidly approaching...

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related anime

Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Space Runaway Ideon TV 1980 Original
The Ideon: A Contact Movie 1982 Prequel
Name Role
Tomonori KOGAWA Character Design
Yoshiyuki TOMINO Director

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Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack

Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack
  • Movie (1 ep x 120 min)
  • 1988

It is Universal Century 0093. Char Aznable believes humanity is being held down by Earth’s gravity and seeks to end their suffering. With the help of his Neo-Zeon forces, he seeks to drop the asteroid Axis down, leaving the Earth uninhabitable by creating an apocalyptic winter; doing so will force humanity into space, the only way to truly evolve. The only one standing in his way is his rival Amuro Ray and his Londo Bell forces. Amuro must use the full power of his Nu Gundam in order to have a chance in stopping Char. History is in the making as the two rivals battle it out one last time.


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The epic showdown, the feature film conflagration and conclusion these two mecha franchises. Granted, Gundam continues to chug along as a franchise, but the feature film Char's Counterattack was conceived as the last word in that saga and it concludes the central narrative of the Universal Century timeline... while the Ideon film manages to conclude the saga for good in, well, a very finite manner.

Either film involves plenty of epic robot fights (moreso in Char's Counterattack), climaxes to long-running rivalries, and stuff blowing up (moreso in Ideon). Knowledge of the franchise beforehand is recommended if you want to see either film; one can probably get by on the summary feature movies if you don't want to trawl through old lengthy TV shows.

Neon Genesis Evangelion - The End of Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion - The End of Evangelion
  • Movie (1 ep x 87 min)
  • 1997

End of Evangelion is an alternate ending to the Evangelion TV series (replaces episodes 25/26). In this powerful conclusion, the final battle against the Angels is fought, and questions are finally answered. The fate of the world lies with Shinji, but how will he act?

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These mecha shows have been concluded, but there is felt a need to remake the ending as a big feature film. The result is a feature film that progresses inexorably and brutally to what can only be considered a highly bizarre climax. Ideon makes it a little more explicit as to the nature of these cosmic forces, but in either grim conclusion the state of mind of the mecha pilot can be of utmost importance.

I really enjoyed End of Evangelion but had my reservations about the way Be Invoked concluded (a little too silly for my picky and arrogant tastes), but even with those reservations I can't but concede that Be Invoked is a reasonable rec for this title and vice versa. A knowledge of the TV series the films are concluding - or at least the summary movie, in the case of Ideon - does not go amiss.