Galaxy Railways

Alt title: Ginga Tetsudou Monogatari

TV (26 eps)
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In the future, mankind will venture to the far reaches of the cosmos using technologically advanced trains, perhaps the least likely method of intergalactic travel. The fleet of Galaxy Railways transports countless galactic citizens from one exotic planet to the next, protected by the SDF, the elite force protecting the Railways Fleet against terrorists, meteor storms and malicious alien life. These are the stories of those that travel the Galaxy Railways system and the people that are sworn to protect it. No one knows these stories better than Layla Destiny Shura, the leader of the system with the uncanny ability to see the fates of all those who travel on the Galaxy Railways.

Source: Funimation

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  • Sacrifice image

    Episode 1


  • Knot in Time image

    Episode 2

    Knot in Time

  • Wheel of Fate image

    Episode 3

    Wheel of Fate

  • Eternity image

    Episode 4


  • Hijacked image

    Episode 5


  • Reason to Live, Part 1 image

    Episode 6

    Reason to Live, Part 1

  • Reason to Live, Part 2 image

    Episode 7

    Reason to Live, Part 2

  • Engine Song image

    Episode 8

    Engine Song

  • Memory Gallery image

    Episode 9

    Memory Gallery

  • Crossroads image

    Episode 10


  • Forget Me Not image

    Episode 11

    Forget Me Not

  • Twilight image

    Episode 12


  • Train Bound for Fate image

    Episode 13

    Train Bound for Fate

  • Bond image

    Episode 14


  • Joint Forces image

    Episode 15

    Joint Forces

  • Comrade image

    Episode 16


  • Armored Goddess image

    Episode 17

    Armored Goddess

  • Life and Death image

    Episode 18

    Life and Death

  • Tranquility image

    Episode 19


  • Choice image

    Episode 20


  • The Revolt image

    Episode 21

    The Revolt

  • The Merciless Wind image

    Episode 22

    The Merciless Wind

  • The Cruel Verdict image

    Episode 23

    The Cruel Verdict

  • Blazing Galaxy image

    Episode 24

    Blazing Galaxy

  • Echoes of Life image

    Episode 25

    Echoes of Life

  • Eternal Hope image

    Episode 26

    Eternal Hope

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FullmetalCowboy24's avatar by FullmetalCowboy24 on Aug 30, 2012
Score 4.9/10

Critic's Log - Earthdate: August 30, 2012. Review #18: The Galaxy Railways I love Space Operas, I have liked Space Operas since I was a kid back when I first laid my eyes on Star Wars, it was imaginitive and full of adventure, I'll admit that the Star Wars prequels are hit and miss. I also like Star Trek for nearly the same reasons, I also saw a little BSG, you know...Battlestar Galactica. A pretty good... read more

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