The Flowers of Evil

Alt titles: Aku no Hana

TV (13 eps)
2.931 out of 5 from 2,423 votes
Rank #3,246

Takao Kasuga is a lonely boy who spends his days immersed in books to escape his frustration with life. His only source of joy is the beautiful Saeki, who he secretly admires from afar. However, Takao's obsession goes too far one day when, in a moment of emotional folly, he steals the girl's gym clothes and takes them home with him. Worse, his terrible deed is spotted by Sawa Nakamura, a mysterious outcast who sits behind him in class who threatens to reveal the boy's secret unless he promises to engage in a contract with her. At first it seems Sawa just wants some companionship, but soon it becomes clear that this "contract" involves more than mere afternoon chats. In fact, Takao is about to discover just how dangerous his bond with Sawa is and how it threatens to tear everything - his life, his love, and even his sanity - apart. 

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YeNguyen's avatar by YeNguyen on May 13, 2014
Score: 10/10

Aku no Hana is a masterpiece in a medium that has difficulty recognizing artistic perfection unless that greatness exists along pre-established lines. You may have already heard of the show as the one with rotoscoped animation – the show that anime fans by and large decried for being ugly, boring, and too different – too unlike anime. After all, anime have always existed as escapist tales of... read more

HazelMizuki's avatar by HazelMizuki on May 14, 2014
Score: 9/10

Loved it.  It took me until after episode 6 to really start to figure it out, in a world somewhere between reality, angst & melodrama, and metaphor, and it all works really pretty great together.  Music and anime was "just a bit off" and pretty creepy, like these characters.  I didn't mind the long, slow sequences, I liked them, even, but I did get annoyed with too many slow-turning... read more

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