The Dragon Dentist (2017)

Alt title: Ryuu no Haisha

TV Special (2 eps x 46 min)
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The Dragon Dentist (2017)

The story takes place in Dragon Country. Nonoko is a newly appointed dentist and her mission is to protect the dragon, the guardian of the country, from tooth-cavity bacteria. One day, amid increasingly fierce battles with the neighboring country, Nonoko finds on the dragon's tooth an unconscious boy soldier from the enemy country. His name is Bell, and he has been resurrected from inside the tooth by the dragon—a supernatural phenomenon that legend says occurs before a major disaster. As Nonoko and Bell go through a series of fierce battles, they eventually learn to accept their fate.

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ratchet573's avatar
ratchet573 Feb 28, 2017
Score 8/10

The Dragon Dentist is a surprising film, one that introduces a weird concept that on paper sounds silly, but in execution is interesting, entertaining, and whimsical in an almost Ghibli-sense. The story is about the titular Dragon Dentists, a group of people who have died on Earth, are reborn through a dragon's teeth, and are tasked with taking care of creatures called mushi, monsters that act as a dragon's... read more

Epimondas's avatar
Epimondas Feb 18, 2017
Score 8.8/10

Don't let the title fool you.  Dragon Dentist looks like a kind of alternate WWII era type world only dragons are additional forces in the war and act like a cross between Zepplin's, heavy bombers, and air born battleships. There are black creatures that attack dragons and people.  The lives of dentists are connected to fate and the teeth not only serve as the source of dragon power but a gateway to... read more

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