Dark Myth

Alt title: Ankoku Shinwa

OVA (2 eps x 50 min)
1.734 of 5 from 193 votes
Rank #6,815

In ancient times, Susano-oh conquered Orochi with the Kusanagi sword and was named the God of Darkness. In the present, signs of Susano-oh's manifestation on Earth are beginning to take place, including the shattering of a stone Flayed Colt. Caught in the middle is Takeshi, a young man who is forced to receive stigmata-like marks on his body from the ancient gods; an impending sign that he will soon be reincarnated as Brahman's alter ego, Atman. Meanwhile, the Kikuchi clan is after Takeshi and has a strange interest in the events taking place. The fate of all mankind is at stake; will demons or humans be the victor?

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roriconfan Mar 29, 2012
Score 4.5/10

A fine example of an early metaphysical thriller anime but nothing more.

ART SECTION: 7/10 [The quality of animation is definitely above average.]
- The general artwork is a typical modern world with occult touches. The setting itself is not interesting but the way it is presented is pretty close to cult movies, such as The Ring and Dark Water. It uses a similar way by having eerie and macabre... read more

neutrino's avatar
neutrino Jun 23, 2010
Score 2.3/10

This anime is just bad.  Not campy bad, just bad. You pretty much need a religious degree to comprehend any of what's going on.  The story itself feels like obtaining a religious degree--boring.  The story is superficially pretty cliche--a young man feels drawn to some ancient artifact, only to discover he is the reincarnation of something or another.  That's basically all I could really... read more



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