The Boy Who Saw The Wind

Alt title: Kaze wo mita Shonen


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Shortest Route to Studio Badge - Lesson 3: Brains-Baseby hamletsmage

So you want to collect all of the studio badges and become an anime master? But you simply don't have the time to spend watching an infinite number of episodes? I understand that you are a busy anime fan, and have created a list of the shortest 10...

Oh boy, these made me ToastyGrim

All of these aren't necessarily sad, but they all had something about them that made me cry. A few only made me tear up, but for most of them I full out sobbed. At least at some point in every show on this list, I cried over something. [Note...

Stand Alone Moviesby chii

Full Length Movies. (45 minutes+) Movie series included but only the first one. Movies that are attached to anime series aren't included but if they came first they are. Made a note of ones that I think are stand out movies that all anime fans...