The Big O II

TV (13 eps)
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Foreign Megadeuses have launched an attack and Alex Rosewater's schemes to play god are set into motion. It's up to Roger Smith and his giant robot, Big O, to stop him. But if that wasn't enough, a group of foreigners known as The Union begin to stir trouble in the street of Paradigm in search of memories hidden within this city of Amnesia. The events of forty years ago are key and Roger must uncover the truth or risk the destruction of his home. Does he have what it takes to solve the mystery of Paradigm or will he lose everything he holds dear? It's showtime!

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CaptainSlow Jul 24, 2013
Score 6.5/10

What I Liked: Less re-used footage this time around, finally got used to the animation, the ending (while surprising didn't feel like it came completely out of the blue). Also, character development wasn't bad. What I Didn't: Episode 18 was a bit out of place, the series felt like it meandered around before finally getting to the plot around Episode 19 / 20, soundtrack's still repetitive, the... read more

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