Tenjho Tenge

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Toudou Gakuen is no ordinary high school. There, during the Meiji Restoration, fighting masters were forced to gather from all over Japan to re-establish the martial arts. Amongst the student body is a group of immensely powerful fighters who maintain order through absolute power. This "Enforcement Group" is locked in a feud with the Jyuuuken Club over matters of love and death. Now, two newcomers have disturbed the order of this school, becoming entangled in this vicious feud. Caught between sexy babes and terrible powers, the battle to be the strongest begins!

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roriconfan's avatar
roriconfan Dec 20, 2012
Score 4.5/10

NOTICE: This review covers both the series, the extra OVAs, as well as the manga version, which I needed to include as means to prove what A FAKIN PIECE OF SHIT this show is. 

- Animated by studio Madhouse, the king of animated series. This is definitely one of their lesser works though.
- Directed by some nobody who never did something good, so moving... read more

mahius's avatar
mahius Sep 14, 2014
Score 5/10

I have no idea why I added this anime to my list but the concept seemed OK. Before watching this I found this on a top 10 worst anime list on youtube and the place I got it from mentioned something about a terrible ending. This didn't affect my viewing of the anime. This has a lot of fighting, some comedy and *sigh* ecchi/panty shots too. To get the simple stuff out of the way first the sound wasn't that bad... read more

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