Tenchi The Movie 2: The Daughter Of Darkness

Movie (1 ep x 60 min)
3.592 of 5 from 2,851 votes
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In this Tenchi Muyo! film, a young girl named Mayuka appears from the future, claiming to be Tenchi's daugher. Meanwhile, a demon tied to his grandfather's past meddles with the Masaki household. An emotional story, a wayward daughter, and a demon's vengance all fit together in this wonderful installment of the Tenchi Muyo! series.

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mariprosa's avatar by mariprosa on Jan 20, 2008
Score 4.8/10

Tenchi Muyo's second movie "The Daughter of Darkness" had a very lagging story that I couldn't wrap my head around. If you follow the Tenchi Muyo franchise, the stories portrayed aren't as much story central at times as they are character central, and in part that's characteristic of many harem series. Tenchi Muyo's franchise falls within the realm of sci-fi... read more

Garyuu's avatar by Garyuu on Nov 13, 2009
Score 8/10

I think I'm going to be different from a lot of people, because I thought this movie was better than the first. Tenchi Muyo is really more about the characters than story, and this movie had a lot more focus on what makes it good. If you liked the characters then there is nothing really new. The characters are the same except with the addition of a new character. If you were looking for character progression... read more

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