Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki

OVA (6 eps)
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Tenchi Masaki lives a quiet life helping his grandfather at the temple. Quiet, that is, until he accidentally unleashes a strange and beautiful space pirate from her 700-year-old prison. Things rapidly get worse for Tenchi when the royal princess Ayeka, cute Sasami, ditzy galaxy police agent Mihoshi and scientifically insane Washu crash land in his back garden to join the mayhem. Will Tenchi be able to shake off the unwanted romantic advances of these women, and what secret does his history hold?

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  • (Sub) Ryoko Resurrected image

    Episode 1

    (Sub) Ryoko Resurrected

  • (Sub) Here Comes Ayeka! image

    Episode 2

    (Sub) Here Comes Ayeka!

  • (Sub) Hello Ryo-Ohki! image

    Episode 3

    (Sub) Hello Ryo-Ohki!

  • (Sub) Mihoshi Falls to the Land of the Stars image

    Episode 4

    (Sub) Mihoshi Falls to the Land of the Stars

  • (Sub) Kagato Attacks! image

    Episode 5

    (Sub) Kagato Attacks!

  • (Sub) We Need Tenchi image

    Episode 6

    (Sub) We Need Tenchi

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Garyuu's avatar by Garyuu on Oct 3, 2009
Score 8/10

What I liked the most about the show is the characters. In most harem animes, I would rate characters very low, but this show is different. A few times I would start watching the show, and forget to set the language to Japanese. I'm then horrified by some of the worse dubs I've ever heard. Okay, they aren't the worst dubs. I hate them just as much as 90% of the dubs I've come across. That's okay though because... read more

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