Tekken: The Motion Picture

Movie (1 ep x 57 min)
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The Mishima corporation is one of the richest conglomerates on the planet, and its owner, the legendary fighter Heihachi Mishima, is now sponsoring a martial arts competition – whoever can best the other competitors and finally defeat Heihachi himself will be awarded both wealth and the title of King of Iron Fist. But money and fame are not the only factors drawing fighters to the competition, as Heihachi has made many enemies over time – his son Kazuya being one of them.

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roriconfan's avatar by roriconfan on Dec 20, 2012
Score: 3/10

The Tekken franchise is still amongst the most famous and best selling game series. This movie covers the events in the first 2 games. It is a very poorly done adaptation since the budget is small and has hardly enough time to portrait all the characters properly. No surprise if you know it is made by that shitty Studio DEEN. It was supposed to advertise the games but only succeeded in alienating the newbies... read more

DBZAOTA482's avatar by DBZAOTA482 on Jan 9, 2013
Score: 2/10

Overview After the critical success of Street Fighter II: The Movie, the producers from Nakamura Animation must have felt it was imperative that they make an animated feature (or it's a two-piece OVA if you go by the subs) based on yet another popular fighting game franchise and that is Tekken. One time when I had encountered this... read more

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