Tears to Tiara

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Rhiannon is the fair and gentle daughter of a village chief. Unfortunately for her, she's also exactly the sort of maiden who is needed as a sacrifice to wake the Demon King Arawn from his thousand-year slumber and is soon kidnapped for this very purpose. However, when Arawn is summoned, he decides to spare Rhiannon's life, instead killing her captor and freeing her from mind control. Taken with his kindness, Rhiannon immediately decides to marry the Demon King, making him the new village chief. All of this is bad news for Rhiannon's protective but hot-headed brother Arthur, who must now pledge his knightly service to his new Lord, Arawn. Together the three of them must journey and together they must fight, encountering new friends and new foes along the way.

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4EverDreamer's avatar by 4EverDreamer on Nov 18, 2010
Score 7.5/10

The most interesting aspect of the show is how the story plays with legends and myths. It takes parts of the Legend of King Arthur, the Bible, and elves, fairies, and dragons, twists them a bit and makes them completely original. The beginning is a little slow, but picks up about half-way in where real characterization and action take place. There's a few surprising turns to make you impressed, and the ending... read more

ilubsanime's avatar by ilubsanime on Jan 6, 2016
Score 7.5/10

I was a bit hesitant when I was going to start watching this anime. 2006?.... Oh man the graphics have got to be old school and I know thats not everything by far, but i've been so spoled lately.... I was pleasently surprised by this show. I thought the story was going to be lame and predictable, but it ended up having smooth transistions between arcs and overall I felt it was an original anime. I didn't... read more

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