Tears to Tiara

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Rhiannon is the fair and gentle daughter of a village chief. Unfortunately for her, she's also exactly the sort of maiden who is needed as a sacrifice to wake the Demon King Arawn from his thousand-year slumber and is soon kidnapped for this very purpose. However, when Arawn is summoned, he decides to spare Rhiannon's life, instead killing her captor and freeing her from mind control. Taken with his kindness, Rhiannon immediately decides to marry the Demon King, making him the new village chief. All of this is bad news for Rhiannon's protective but hot-headed brother Arthur, who must now pledge his knightly service to his new Lord, Arawn. Together the three of them must journey and together they must fight, encountering new friends and new foes along the way.

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Szwagier's avatar by Szwagier on Oct 24, 2009
Score: 5.5/10

"Anime, based on an ero-game, featuring  a man of a mysterious origin, leading a small tribe of oppressed people to fight the empire... Where did I heard of a such a setttin... Ah but of course - Utawarerumono!" - that could sum up my first thoughts of this show. Up to ep 7 (or somewhere around that) I believed this show would just be a cheap Utawarerumono rip-off . Fortunately I was proven... read more

matteroffact's avatar by matteroffact on May 22, 2011
Score: 7.5/10

Tears to Tiara won't be the best anime series you ever see, but it is definitely worth watching for a variety of reasons. Leaf, who designed the game from which the TV series was developed, has a knack for putting together interesting worlds and populating them with enjoyable characters. Unlike its cousin, Utawarerumono, the storyline doesn't get out of control at the end. However, the characters, while... read more

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