Tayutama -Kiss on my Deity-

TV (12 eps)
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While trying to protect a wooden relic, high school student Yuuri Mito summons the Goddess Kikuramikami no Hime in the form of a sweet, affectionate child; she begins to live with him, taking the name Mashiro. Yuuri promises to marry her when she grows up, which unfortunately for him happens overnight! However, they soon have bigger things to worry about, as the relic is accidentally destroyed, unleashing the Tayutai, a human-hating race of monsters. Along with Yuuri's childhood friend Ameri, his step-sister Yumina and Mifuyu - an honour student at Flawless Girls' Academy - Yuuri and Mashiro must step up to fight the Tayutai, protect the world, and even learn about underwear!

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Wingedkratos's avatar
Wingedkratos Sep 11, 2010
Score 6/10

Where to start with this anime... Basically, it's a pretty average, not very original ecchi/harem anime that involves a high school student named Yuuri Mito finding a relic of some sort that was dug up, and then later coming back to it at night and bringing his friends with him to the relic to perform a ritual on it. One of his friends, who is named Ameri Kawai, ends up getting on a motorcycle that Yuuri... read more

Kari5's avatar
Kari5 Dec 30, 2009
Score 3/10

In my opinion, Tayutama was one of the worst anime of the Spring 2009 season of anime. The plot begins with Yuuri, a loser high school student (*cough* Hideki, Keitaro, Keiichi *cough*) summons a goddess (Mashiro) who falls in love with with him quickly decides to marry him (which he has to do). It's up to them to battle the Tayutai, and protect the world, etc. Not the worst story in the world... read more

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