Tattoon Master

OVA (2 eps)
2.799 of 5 from 438 votes
Rank #4,195

While visiting the legendary Tattoon tribe, high school delinquent Hideo's mother traded her son's hand in marriage for the ability to continue her research -- unbenounced to Hideo, of course! To him, women are self centered, indulgent, and the source of all troubles, which makes meeting the eager to please Nima all the more unappealing. Now, with Nima and class president Fujimatsu both after his love, and new enemies arising from the woodwork, will Hideo live long enough to fight another day?

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sothis Aug 6, 2005
Score 6/10

Sound familiar? That's because this plot has definitely been done before. In the same fashion as Girl from Phantasia, Tattoon Master delivers a fairly lackluster story of a girl who falls in some sort of unrealistic love with a very unwilling boy, and clings to him the entire show while other random bad guys attack. In this case, it has a bit of a Scryed feel, as Nima and a few others have strange... read more



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