Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

Alt titles: Dusk Maiden of Amnesia


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8/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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A Truly Haunting Experience... lol

I'd like to open this review with a comment about a recent similar series. If you've spoken to me about Another, you'll recall that my biggest quarrel with the series was that it totally lost the great atmosphere it promised early on and resorted to random acts of sketch horror to get by. Now I don't mean to compare Amnesia to Another because it's not a horror series; however, I use the example of Another to point out that Amnesia was able to create and largely maintain this sort of quasi-horror atmosphere. But Amnesia and Another are really quite different so the comparisons will end here. Amnesia borrows from the AnoHana mold of a supernatural guy meets ghost girl relationship. The story also happens to be about getting said ghost girl to pass on. But even more significantly than in the previous reference, Amnesia is NOTHING AT ALL like AnoHana. So it's about time that we got to the heart of the matter of well, what is Amnesia? Other than a state of temporary or permanent memory loss, it's quite a fine modern anime. Not especially unique, but a good addition to the genre. You have some ech fanservice in here, kinda hard to escape nowadays but it's not at the forefront. There's really no more than like 2-3 min worth an ep, so unless it really bothers you it shouldn't detract from the series. Especially when you have a rather clever and well-developed plot. I've always seemed to like the whole split-personality thing and this is certainly a neat spin. The externally-played internal conflict is really well-illustrated at first little by little, until the ladder part of the series when it's at the forefront. This is culminated (not fully resolved at this point, but you know what I mean) in what has to be the greatest flashback ep in recent memory. Granted, that might not be saying much since I find most flashback scenes (let alone a whole ep) to be poorly executed. But I do mean to say much because this was brilliant, the highlight of the series. I should also mention regarding the story that there is a romance plot here. It's straight-forward but sweet all the same. I won't get too much further into it to avoid spoilers. But a big talking point is the ending. Did they force it? Yes, absolutely. But it didn't ruin the series for me. And all and all, the last ep was great until the last like 2-3 min. Moving on, animation. I love anime that change up the animation style throughout the series, and this was a perfect example. The contrast between the normal course of events, to the Shadow Yuuko moments, to the big flashback was much appreciated and indeed praiseworthy. Music is well above average and quite well handled. Now for the characters (shudder to think I haven't mentioned them so far). Far and away the best character is Yuuko (the ghost, female mc). She's hot, she's engaging, and has a deep emotional profile. Can't ask for too much more from her in the role she played. Niiya... not so much a fan. The actions of his character were largely spot on, but for some reason his personality just annoyed me down the stretch. Maybe it was his voice? Then you have two minor female characters in Kirie and Okonogi. Kirie seems like a strong character and seemed early on like she was going to have a major role, but in the end she just became totally insignificant which disappointed me. Okonogi filled her roll admirably as Niiya's upbeat cheerleader lol. Ordinarily those sort of characters annoy me, but Okonogi actually kept me entertained. So all in all, good series if it's the kinda thing you like, which I did. Story and 'feel' are probably the highlights but well balanced, 7.5 out of 10.

8/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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So you're looking for a good horror anime to watch and you come across Tasogare Otome x Amnesia. You read the summary and think it sounds pretty good so you watch the first episode. It starts out perfect, giving you a feeling that something creepy is going to happen then BAM!..they add in some corny comic relief. Most of the anime is like this, it'll give you a creepy feeling, then it'll ruin it by trying to add in some comedy.

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia (also known as Dusk Maiden of Amnesia) is about a boy named Niiya Teiichi who is part of the Paranormal Investigations club at his school, along with three other members, Kanoe Kirie, Okonogi Momoe, and the most famous ghost of the school, Yuuko. The thing is, only Teiichi and Kirie are able to see and touch Yuuko while the rest of the school's population cannot. This anime is mainly about this club investigating the paranormal rumours that haunt the school, as well as the mystery of what really happened to Yuuko in the past and why she cannot remember it.

Story (7/10):
The idea of the story is very interesting, though the comic relief ruins it for me. In my opinion, this anime gets really great towards its finale when things finally start to get more serious. The serious scenes in this anime were great, especially when they gave me that creepy feeling. If only the whole anime was like that it would've been perfect.

Animation (7/10):
The animation in this anime was all right. The characters were given a more cute, young, child-like look to them, but I don't think they're something worth praising.

Sound (8/10):
I really liked the soundtrack of this anime. The background music that played when it started to get creepier was great! I also really liked the opening and ending! They were really perfect!

Characters (6/10):
The characters in this anime weren't really the best, in my opinion. There wasn't anything really special about them and some of them actually were pretty annoying (mainly Okonogi).

Overall (6/10):
All in all, if you're looking for a creepy horror anime that'll give you chills, don't watch this because you'll be disappointed like I was. Tasogare Otome x Amnesia was an all right anime for me, but I probably won't rewatch.

Thanks for reading my review! This is my first time writing one so please feel free to give me some feedback and criticism so that I can improve! :)

7/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
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There are times when you discover a rare item among the attic full of junk: Tasogare Otome x Amnesia is one of those. To sum it up for those who have yet to watch it, it would appear to be the typical high-school romance and in some respects you would be right in thinking that. For those of you who have seen Sankarea I hear there are parallels to be drawn between the two, although not having seen it myself I can't comment. However, I have read a review that went to great lengths to compare the two main lead characters of both shows so I think there's some merit in declaring that these shows compliment one another in their respective department.

What that department presents is a major detraction from the romantic comedies of today. Tasogare is funny, heart-warming, and at times a tear-jerker, but its strongest trait is its horror. There were plenty of moments throughout the show I genuinely felt my spine trying to contract as the icy fingers of Yuko's dreadful visage stroked the length of my back.

 Let me establish my position on several of the elements of the show before I continue: yes, there is ecchi, and I did find the "accidental boob grab" stint to be wearing thin after the first time – in a dark dumbwaiter as Niiya tries to be tender towards his ghost-lover Yuko, I found it rather hilarious when the light from the opening of the hatch revealed where exactly he was being tender to. After that it started to make less to no sense for it to happen, such as the scene in which Niiya attempts to discern if Yuko is a ghost by touching her – the scene clearly shows Niiya's hand stretching out towards the back of Yuko's head, she turns, and he's touching her... boob. It was badly drawn and for no other effect than adding in a moment of sexual tension, which was not really needed given how well their physicality is handled later on.

 Thankfully, they dropped the wanton ecchi very early and they even had moments which worked within the continuity of the frames and Yuko's initial personality. As a ghost, she'd gotten used to the majority of people not seeing her, so it was a novel occurence for her that Niiya could. But even when she's stark naked in front of him he still manages to be a likeable character who can suck up his embarrasment and focus on the much more important issue on hand.

 This is where the horror-comedy dyad works – on one side, Tasogare has some truly horrific scenes, anticipated by dialogue and executed with tingling precision. Were this to be a straight horror I think the studio could definitely have achieved something else equally as great. Just as you're becoming scared for the character(s) there's a moment of reprieve with a transition to something less wary but sometimes just as imperative as the perceived danger. Now I use "perceived" due to the nature of how the show presents the various ghost stories on campus and is what, I think, is one of the show's failings: that all ghost stories, supernatural events, and paranormal activity have a mundane explanation for them. It strips away any sense of fantasy, beating you over the head with its message that everything has a logical reason.

 On the other hand this does give the show some room to develop that duality of horror and humour I've been commending, such as the Rock of Curses where Yuko decides to secretly marker pen in Niiya's name on the rock to scare him. Even in that moment, knowing there is a mystery behind Yuko's past, I felt worried for Niiya and wary of Yuko.

 Which leads to the crux of the show's main development: Yuko's memories. As a ghost it is easy to disassociate parts of her mind from herself, the particularly painful memories and hatred she felt as a child become repressed and stored within a seperate entity that haunts Yuko at several junctions, and is the source of the fables of the Red Woman and other frightening ghost stories among the students. Arguably it is Yuko's constant disassociation that drives her ever-changing personality and the confrontations with the Shadow.

 In a review I read it lamented the opinion that the secondary characters – Okonogi and Kirie – are more interesting than the mains. I disagree. Okonogi and Kirie are very interesting characters, with the former being unable to see Yuko and yet is aware of her presense, and Kirie – who I find to be the most interesting and well developed person – as the once typical confident tomboy with her own insecurities and flaws: She's easily scared, she cries, and she's envious of Niiya's relationship with Yuko through her own crush on Niiya. There is great dynamic between Kirie and Yuko's presense, even when Kirie momentarily allows her interest in Niiya to overcome the indifference she expresses towards Yuko, revealing just how truly insecure she is by suggesting to Niiya that she could look like Yuko if she grew her hair out (the two are related after all).

 One thing I do want to compliment Tasogare on that I haven't covered is Yuko and Niiya's relationship. Most shows will leave the kiss until last and completely eschew the relationship in favour of obnoxious stalling by embarrassment and denial. While Tasogare saves the kiss till last, it doesn't shy away from the romance one bit. The pair are constantly in physical contact, Yuko sits in Niiya's lap as he attempts to study in class and he even writes romantic responses on his exam paper to her teasing. Neither are abashed about what they have, and they express their feelings from very early on in the show – Niiya himself is quite confidently able to acknowledge that he loves a ghost and is even impartial to that when Kirie points it out.

 The absolute best moment, I thought, is near the end when Yuko disassociates Niiya because he took on the memories of Shadow Yuko. Unable to see him, Yuko resorts to writing in a notebook, to which Niiya responds, and the two begin a series of communication through writing, expressing how they miss each other, how lonely they are, and even touching things like drawing an outline of their hand. Then came the tear-jerker... which I won't spoil for people still intent on watching it but I'd invested so much in the characters up to that point that it hit me hard enough to have me in tears the full twenty minutes that the episode ran for.

 What I found was the right balance between horror and comedy juxtaposed with a refreshing sincerity for Yuko and Niiya's relationship. The duo are consistently at odds with Yuko's presence as a ghost and yet that hasn't stopped Niiya from falling madly in love with the phantom of a dead girl. Yuko herself boasts a myriad of personality throughout the show that is never her true self until the very end, and the love the two share is genuine, believably written, and lovely to watch.

 One last thing that I hardly talk abotu in my reviews but I will in this one because of how well it was handled: the technicals. The sound and visuals of Tasogare are magnificent and bolster every sense of horrific or tense moment that it projects, giving a trule chilling experience at the right moments.

7/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
8.3/10 overall
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The starting was pretty much blurry but second half did made some sense. Story progressed slowly with stong plot and nice character introduction

Intially some comedy elemnts were also present which will entertain you a bit. The anime is recommended for people who are into ghost stuff and like funny horror animes. 

I hope the anime progress in steady and exciting way.

7/10 story
8/10 animation
6/10 sound
6/10 characters
6.5/10 overall