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Tao Tao Ehonkan Sekai Doubutsu Banashi

Tao Tao Ehonkan Sekai Doubutsu Banashi main image more screenshots
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In China, there is a beautiful and peaceful valley that is home to a small panda named Tao Tao. He lives in harmony with many wonderful friends such as Kiki the monkey, Chipta the woodpecker, Purpur the squirrel, some bunny brothers and other animals. And while Tao Tao and the gang often encounter a problem they can't solve on their own, Tao Tao's mother always manages to tell them amazing and helpful stories that help them along the way.

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Name Role
Shuichi NAKAHARA Character Design
Chiaki MURANO Character Design
Tatsuo SHIMAMURA Director
Taku SUGIYAMA Director
Shuichi NAKAHARA Director
Alexander BLECHINGER Music
Karel SVOBODA Music
Yasuo TSUCHIDA Music
Takeshi ISHIGURO Producer

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Childhood memories Tounushi 15 Jan 16, 2012

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Animals are in the center of both Tao Tao and Unico. The titular characters of both series are animal children, who just want to have friends, fun and a happy life. Both anime are suitable for kids and have a merry and adventure-filled plot, so if you're craving for a happy story, here's two.