Tantei Opera Milky Holmes

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It is the Age of the Great Detectives. Gentleman thieves seek to steal the world's treasures with the aid of their superpowers called "Toys", while the forces of justice use their own Toys to try and stop them. Trained by Opera Kobayashi, the young Sherlock Shellingford, Nero Yuzurizaki, Hercule Barton, and Cordelia Glauca are the top students at Holmes Academy and members of the famous detective team Milky Holmes. But when a run in with the nefarious gentleman thief Arsene robs them of their Toys, the group's charmed life comes quickly to an end, banished to a squalid attic in one of the academy's dorms. Unfazed, but still hungry and shamed, the girls fight to regain their powers, their old life of luxury, and their status as the world's most famous detectives.

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ThePatches's avatar by ThePatches on Jan 21, 2011
Score 2/10

Remember when you were little and your parents left you alone in the house? You got out that giant mixing bowl and threw ALL of your favorite foods into it: pizza bites, pretzels, ice cream, chocolate and strawberry syrup, whipped cream, and cookie dough. Face it, it tasted awful. That, ladies and gentlemen is kind of what ... read more

ratchet573's avatar by ratchet573 on Sep 6, 2016
Score 5/10

Milky Holmes looks like an anime from the early to mid '00s, feels like an anime of the period, and kinda falls into that weird category Magical Pokan did where it's a seemingly kid friendly anime from the outside with a strange sense of humor and sexuality that makes it hard to gauge exactly who the anime is for. Is it for kids who love erect nipples or older teens who love erect penises? The plot of the show... read more

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