Tamako Market

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Between unspoken and unrequited love, mysterious happenstance, and the day-to-day affairs of a busy market, life is rarely dull in the Bunny Mountain Shopping Village - especially after Tamako, the happy-go-lucky mochi-maker's daughter, finds a talking exotic bird on a mission! Having traveled a great distance, the creature now seeks a worthy bride for his land's prince - but where in this corner of rural Japan can such a thing be found? Already busy trying to keep the shopping district alive and hanging out with her friends in Baton Club, Tamako can't afford to be distracted by the plucky bird - yet the scoundrel seems to have taken a liking to her and keeps following her around! How will Tamako cope with this visitor intruding on her life?

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hamletsmage's avatar
hamletsmage Feb 13, 2016
Score 7.5/10

I am not one that usually likes slice of life anime. However, this particular anime had just enough comedy and weirdness to keep my interest.  Story: This was probably one of the weaker points for me. The story is very slow, and the main action of the anime is only brought up towards the end. For the most part, each episode has its own small problem that must be solved, like the market isn't festive... read more

DropofVenus's avatar
DropofVenus Jul 7, 2014
Score 4/10

Final Verdict 2 star Not Really "that good": Tamako Market has been one of the latest moe/slice of life Kyoto has marketed and dished out after the famous K-On!. Despite my first impressions I tried to look past all the fluffy moe-fanservice and looked at it as a new idea once the curtains opened, and for what I got it was just ok. Tamako Market is a very cute fluffy anime + a hilarious talking... read more

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