Tales of Symphonia

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Every year that passes, the lifeblood known as mana which sustains the world of Sylvarant slowly ebbs away. The land itself is dying, fields are turning barren, and life itself is on the brink of collapse. In the quiet country town of Iselia the last remaining hope, the Chosen of Martel, begins the Journey of World Regeneration – a quest which, if completed, would renew the world’s supply of mana and bring prosperity once more. However, Colette is not the first chosen to attempt the Journey; many have already fallen before her. Along with the mercenary Kratos and the half-elf school teacher Raine, Colette must travel to each of the elemental shrines and release the seals so that the regeneration can begin.

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Sheex's avatar by Sheex on Apr 25, 2008
Score 6/10

For the sake of my dignity, I won't divulge just how many hours I've previously devoted to Tales of Symphonia, nor will I make it known that I will be purchasing a Wii primarily for the fact that Tales of Symphonia: The Knight of Ratatosk is slated for release sometime this coming fall.  What I will say, however, is that I had mediocre expectations for this OVA at best, as there was... read more

SpilledTea's avatar by SpilledTea on Aug 26, 2013
Score 3/10

I've played the game, Tales of Symphonia. So I decided to give the anime a shot. NO. Just no. It tries to follow the storyline, but seeing as its an OVA, not an actual anime. It doesn't do well. The characters were exactly the same though. However, it speeds up most of the action and skips to places. So if you wanted to watch this because you loved the game, maybe you should just replay the game instead. ... read more

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