Taiyou no Mokushiroku

Alt title: Spirit of the Sun

TV Special (2 eps x 80 min)
3.302 of 5 from 138 votes
Rank #2,798

Calamity strikes the country of Japan as a series of brutal earthquakes literally tear the island in two. Put in an impossible predicament, the Japanese government agrees to hand control of the country over to the United States and China in exchange for aid. Tensions flare, both at home and abroad in Taiwan, where 80,000 survivors have ended up. With conflicts brewing between the Taiwanese and Japanese and with a violent gang out to cause trouble for their own ends, can anyone broker peace without bloodshed?

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therik Feb 20, 2009
Score 4/10

As scenarios go, Taiyou no Mokushiroku's is packed with potential. Japan is rent asunder by the awesome forces of nature, literally cleaved in two by a succession of earthquakes. Half is given over to Chinese control, half to the United States. If you're thinking to yourself "this would be a great basis for a political intrigue epic, set amidst near-apocalyptic devastation" then I would agree with... read more

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