Custom Lists

Anime with College Age or Older Main Charactersby SaltyFrog75

Tired of anime focused on high school and middle school students? Try some of these!

Slash-able/Yaoi-able.by yamiksha

Has no yaoi/bl content but very slash-able characters.

Anime You Should Watch RIGHT NOW!by Jisu

anime that everyone one should watch atleast once! Mix of Popular, classic, and under-rated anime!

SDSby FireDemonessJaganshi

Shinigami/Demons/Supernatural Anime series I loved that tend to have this running theme.

Droppedby MikasaHime

Dropped after some eps OR checked out 1. ep and desided not to watch it

Cristi6983's anime list !by Cristi6983

All anime i've watched so far (updated evry 4 months)

That's the Spiritby thatotakugirl

Yokai, Gods and Monsters Oh My!

Love/Hateby kairaxhentai

You know when you hate something with a passion, but you're absolutely obsessed with it? These are mine.