Tactical Roar

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In the western Pacific Ocean there is an everlasting cyclone known as the Grand Roar which has changed Earth's climate for the worse. As a result, air travel is no longer feasible, naval travel has become the norm for transporting goods, and a new age of sea pirates has begun. The female-manned Pascal Magi is an escort ship which protects other traveling vessels, and is led by the no-nonsense Misaki Nanaha. Hyousuke Nagimiya is an engineer who has been assigned to update the Pascal Magi's systems, but he soon learns that his estranged sister is none other than Misaki herself. Hyousuke now travels the seas with the crew of the Pascal Magi, observing as they help to protect the sea and prevent the military's disbanding of the ship.

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dionkeykong's avatar
dionkeykong Apr 7, 2016
Score 2/10

Terrible fate awaits anyone who watches this..And his kids...And grandkids..This is as interesting as nailing yourself on the cross.As exciting as having your corpse raped by panda bears.That concludes my review.Hear my warning and steer clear from this nightmare.Thank u. read more

Galcifer's avatar
Galcifer Jun 16, 2010
Score 4/10

I cannot say enough my disappointment after watching this a let down well I guess it was to be expected the studio who develop this is not very famous and the story is a total whack.   Story 3 out of 10   the story is a joke and confusing and doesn't make sense at all according to the Synopsis and by watching the anime a few years ago something call the Great... read more

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