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Sword Art Online

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Accel World

Accel World

In a world where everyone connects to an online network, pudgy Haruyuki Arita can't seem to catch a break. Constantly bullied, afraid to face reality and paranoid his two childhood friends pity him, the teenager uses online games as a way to escape his problems. But things change one day when Haruyuki's beautiful upperclassman Kuroyukihime approaches him with a mysterious time-decelerating program known as Brain Burst - there‘s just one catch. To keep the ability, he must defeat other Brain Burst wielders in Accel World, an exclusive, virtual MMORPG, and the newbie player will need all the help he can get. Eager to prove he's not a pathetic weakling, Haruyuki joins forces with Kuroyukihime to challenge fierce competitors and discover just how incredible Accel World and he truly are.


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Sword Art Online and Accel World are both anime adaptations of two light novel series written by the same author, Reki Kawahara. Both are set in the future where virtual reality combined with gaming technology are present, and are even set in the same world, with Sword Art Online taking place in 2022 and Accel World in 2046. Both series explore the exploration of the virtual world in which both of the main characters are suddenly plunged into a VRMMO while fighting in the game for something much more than just entertainment. Sword Art Online takes a more dramatic and mature approach while keeping the idea of these new VRMMOs in skepticism while players are fighting for their lives, while Accel World is arguably more playful and where VRMMOs are much more accepted and players now fight for the power and ability to "accelerate" in real time.


They are basically the same, animes based on characters playing online virtual games.

The difference is that in Accel World the characters want to be forever in the game and also want to know the creator of the game  and his/her purpose with the game.

In Sword Art Online, the creator and his purpose is known in the first episode, and the characters want to get out of the game.

Also in the two titlles the male main characters are lonely people that change their way of life because the apparition of a girl.


they are both the same consept in a way they are both about a game were you are the player almost phiscly and you have to clear the game  adding that they are by the same writer  


Both anime are centered around the main character playing a real virtual online video game where you must fight to level up. Both take place in the future.


Both have alternate game realities, which begin seemingly fun until real life tangles into the game and things become more complicated.Similar themes, Light Novels by the same author. 


Minding that both are made by the same author it´s not suprise that these 2 have so much in common. Both are around main protagonist in some kind of virtual world. While SAO is more serious and more of less a high stake game where they actually fight for survival and escape in AW they do it...well they duel all right... I´m not sure myself... I guess for the sake of it... Both anime contain a lot of flashy action and world exploring, which is quite good.


The reason to watch both is because they both take a similar premise. And both are equally interesting, written by the same person and dealing with the same thing, the virtual world and MMOs (Massively-Multiplayer Online Games, for those who know naught of them). But the other reviews would also state this. Both MCs are flawed characters in their own way. And, the concepts are different, but just as interesting as the other.


Both revolve around a virtual world where the protagonist spends most of there time. the only diffrence between the two is that  the protagonist for sao (kirito) actaually does something while the protag in accel world hides behind his friends. (for the most part)


Same author, they both take place in a vrmmorpg though one is purely fun/competitive while the other is a survival. They're both great and I highly recommend both of them!


the biggest thing they share is the alternative world, in which most of both animes take place. Additionally both other worlds are some kind of game.

for every role play game fan, these animes are a must watch. and there is hardly a chance that you dislike one, whne you like the other


Besides them being written by the same author, and both containing a central them in a fully immersive virtual world that involves all five senses. The largest diffrence though between them is that, while both do have high stakes, Accel World is definatly not as high staked as Sword Art Online where losing means death. I HIGHLY recommend watching both.


SAO: Interesting premise, a complete let-down regarding battle scenes.

AW: Awesome battle scenes, ridiculous story.

Both are not that great but if you really enjoyed either one, and are looking for something similar, this is your best bet.


They are both about a virtual reality game that has a very drastic effect on those that are part of the game. They were both written by the same guy and thus feel simular. SAO is better then Accel but both are excellent watches. If you like one of them, you WILL like the other!


It's maybe the same timeline. Sword Art Online happens in about 20 years the future and Accel World in 20 years more.

The technologies used in both series are the same, but different versions.


After watching Accel World i was reminded of Sword Art Online instantly. Both anime involve games and and trying to accomplish something bigger than themselves by doing so.


Both based on 'virtual reality mmorpgs' but I really like SAO much better, i even dropped Accel World. Accel Worlds kinda awkward and i dont like the main character. Also, the plot is silly and SAO's plot has much more meaning behind it, well it has more 'survival' sense to it.

Accel World all you can lose is stopping time, and they make such a big deal outta that. So silly, I thought. And what i dont get is why they made the main character so dislikable and annoying, with personality and looks (fat)

SAO you can lose your life. The suspense over that is nice, and the main character is not annoying and is not a typical male hero that is dense, kind or whatnot. And there is romance that is not that awkward and embarrasing unlike Accel World.

Maybe Im very biased, but i deeeefinitly think SAO>>>Accel World. :)


I only started reading the light novesl, after watching the series, but from what I see, they both play in the same world, just after each other on the timeline (at least one episode strongly hints in that direction). Both have the same premise of using online games as the characters main way of interactions, although SAO forces it onto them, whereas in AW the characters choose to use the MMO.


Both shows are about romance and living life inside the video game world. Their  are some major differences beteween the two shows. SAO takes place inside the game world with little reference to the outside world with more focus on the romantics rather then action. Accel World on the other hand has alot more to do with the outside world but they never really leave the game, Accel world also focuses more on action then the romantics. In any case both shows have romance and action along with good storys requiring the main characters to be the top of their game to reach their goals. If liked one you will most likely like the other.


Both animes are Sci Fi tagged animes. Both of them are very interesting and mystery. Both of main characters in these two animes are Students. In both animes have two worlds.


How can it not be? Main Protaginist goes into a virtual world and fights difference is that Accel World you can leave in SAO you can't until you beat the game.


They are both about virtual reality games. They also have similar art. Of course, Sword Art Online is more serious.


Because the storyline is nice and the artwork is good, I love how they combine game and real life (or anime) and how the technology is pretty much convinient in both ways


Both are been created in the same universe and by the same creator. In one of the ep of Access World, you even see them talking about the Nerve Gear (one has the current technology and the other has the precursor)

Both are greatly enjoyable and you get attached to the main character.


Both are about online games and are in the future , both are about romance while in the game

I think that if you liked one of them you will like the other


They are both set in the same universe and both about games containing VR. Accel World is definitey easier to keep watching for me as the romance in Sword Art Online (and yui) was not the reason I watched it and was rather unecessary. They feel very very similar, and if you like one you will definitely like the other one.


Everyone has mentioned the main points as to why they are obviously great recommendations for each other so I'll tell you the strong points of each. They each have very strong points and while I feel Sword Art Online is overall more entertaining they are both well worth the watch. Here we go.

They are both great all around but Sword Art Online's story is much better but Accel World's Animation and sound track are absolutely top notch. So they both have very strong points. I would put Accel World's animation and sound track in the same league as Bakemonogatari (though not as experimental/artist) in quality. While I would say that Sword Art Online's story in the same league as Shiki.


Set in the same Universe, both deal with Virtual reality video games and are action packed. Both have romance aspects to them as well.


Same author, same world, twenty years apart. Both are great and if you liked one of these shows, you'll definitely like the other.


Both series involve the protangonist going into a video game or video game-like world. In Sword art online they are in a MMO where they need to quest and such, in Accel World they are in more of a classic fighting game.


I recommend this anime for the ppl who luv mmorpgs! This anime is very intense and very beatiful fight scenes. Must watch!


They are by the same author. Both animes incorporate the idea of nerve gear and full dive video gaming experiences.


Accel World is the same like sword art online. Both anime are the same with big differences to the story. 


There both death games, and the same person wrote them, and you have a nice little romance going on in both of them :D


both Accel World and Sword Art online are set in a videogame. The action in both shows are simular and both have thesame settings




they are both set in the future with amazing gaming devices, great fights and character development...


Similar themes and storyline but main characters in sword Art are much better and can't be compared.


I could say what everyone else has said about how Accel World shares the same author as Sword Art Online and is even it's spiritual successor, but that's only part of the reason why I'd recommend Accel World if you liked Sword Art Online. In a way Accel World is a subversion to Sword Art Online. Whereas Kirito the main protagonist of Sword Art Online is shown to be a confident fighter capable of doing almost anything, Haruyuki Arita the main protagoinst of Accel World is the opposite being a weaker willed protagonist that becomes more confident as the story progresses. Another difference is that Kirito is a lone wolf capable of fighting on his own whereas Haru relies on the help of his friends while becoming more confident. If you liked Sword Art Online I'd suggest checking out Accel World since it's a similar plot but in the perspective of a different type of protagonist.


Both have protagonist who escapes from reality and about fighting to survive in the game world for someone the love 


If you like SAO then you should watch this anime since it involves virtual reality and has good animation,plus it is made from the same author as SAO.The main character is not as bad as you think since people did quit just because of the looks of the main character.This anime is pretty much a boy that wants to escape reality.


i agree beacuse they had all the things the same the director, voice actors and the story is kinda same and theyre inside a game and both main characters are powerful


Both are bassed off of video games and they both have a romance strongly presented. Also you see the main characters being fairly powerful compared to the rest of the people presented. 


They both have a game based world where you have to win or lose everything from life to a happy life 


Accel World and Sword Art Online are very similar to each other. In both animes players get into a game to fight for something. The avatars players use in SAO looks more like how they look in real life, but avatars in Accel World are completely different. In SAO people fight for their lives, to get out of the game, while in Accel World people fight to keep their power in real world. In SAO people can't log out once they beat the game, but in Accel World you can log out whenever you want. That's why SAO seems more motivated than Accel World to me. They both have some kind of romance, but SAO has more of it. 


Both the animes are based on virtual reality, futuristic, with neuro linkers and the fate of your real life being dependent on your performance in the other world.


Both were written by the same author and both revolve around a future with VRMMOs and Video Games. Both are even based in the same universe with Accel World set years after the events of Sword Art Online.


Written by the same author, the story revolves around a video game setting. Both the main male leads are the extreme cases of a gamer. One who finds gaming as his only specialty and the other who is lonely, inside and outside the world of gaming. However, with the help of the female lead, both characters learn to open up. Both plots also have a very similar goal, to find the creators of their games and its purpose of creation. If you liked the elements in either of these animes, please check the other out. I was hesitant to find an anime with an obese male lead, but give it a chance, you'll find it likeable.


If you enjoyed Sword Art Online, then you'll likely enjoy Accel World. The parallels here are very significant. They both centre around teenagers/younger people in a futuristic society, where 'logging in' to Virtual Reality scenarios/worlds is commonplace for those who possess the technology.

Both of these titles feature settings where physical battles in these VR worlds are the catalyst for much of the story's movement.

I would recommend both ways as the similarities create an almost dual channel of genre/setting/conflict which would appeal in both directions.


It's written by the same author. The nerve gear from SAO is mentioned. IT's the same universe (reality) as SAO. It has a SAO feel + mechs. I'm a fan

The only difference is that Accel World's protaganis isn't a god.


Both have story plots that revolve around being inside a futuristic mmorpg/ Both have stakes in which there is a reason to play the game. SAO has a more dramatic approach for the first half of the anime however it isn't completely high stakes after the first 12 episodes. Accel World has a lighter approach to things however there are still stakes involved. Both were also created by the same writer. If you enjoyed one you will probably enjoy the other. 


It is another anime based on one of novels of the same writer. It is set in the future timeline of sword art online though it only connects lightly to it. So far...


Not only are both shows written by the same authour, both shows are about games the main difference is that in Sword Art Online the players are trapped in the game whilst in Accel World the characters can just hop in when they want to. Both shows are set in the same world with accel world set a few years after sword art online. Both shows also feature lots of combat & ecchi moments so if you like one you'll most likely like the other as well.


Accel World and Sword Art Online are both sci-fi anime based on light novels by the same author. Both involve a virtual reality video game and have some romance mixed into the story.


They bouth have the same feeling and they bouth take place on a virtual reality world .. and accel world as a reference to sword art online in one of the final three episodes 


Both shows come from the same source and are loosely tied together in the same universe with Accel World taking place in the future of SAO. Tonally and thematically the shows are quite different but if you enjoy one you will probably enjoy the other. The elements of dealing with the fact that the main characters are very important online while being nobodies in real life is a key similarity and the shows take that and run with it in different directions, creating two distinct shows.

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Log Horizon

Log Horizon

With over 20 million players worldwide, Elder Tale is one of the hottest online RPGs. At least, it used to be only a game, until the fateful day that tens of thousands of players became stuck in the virtual world, unable to log out. For these would-be knights, healers and magicians, Elder Tale is no longer a hobby, it’s a reality, complete with tasteless in-game food, revivals upon death, and boring NPC conversations! With no other options than to accept their fates, the analytical Shiroe, perverted-and-proud Naotsugu, tiny and adorable Akatsuki and other new friends must adjust to their new lives in Elder Tale, avoiding player killers and monsters along the way!

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These shows share almost identical plots. They're both about a large group of MMO players getting trapped inside of the game. Both shows go into the various social structures built by an MMOs player base and they discuss the different play styles that individuals adapt. 

SAO is a bit different because it takes place in the future and the game was already virtual reality when the players gets stuck whereas in Log Horizon the players were playing on their PCs before being transported to the game world. Other than that one difference the shows share a similar style of storytelling as the players try to make sense of their situation all while fighting against the game world.


In both anime there´re MMORPG players who discover themselves trapped in a fantsy game and they can`t "log out"


They both have the same setting: people finding themselfs stuck in a online world. Trying to find a way out and survive.Where Sword Art Online doesnt have magic, Log Horizon does have magic skils.In the world of Log Horizon people do not always look just how they do IRL.If you like one, you are sure too like the other. 


Both series focus on an RPG player who is trapped in a video game world. The major difference being that there is a lot more diversity in Log Horizon than in SAO but in SAO there is an added touch of "when you die in the game you die in real life." Both series are pretty enjoyable for anyone who loves RPGs or shounen series.


In both anime lots of people get stuck in a MMORPG, not being able to log out. The only difference is that in Log Horizon you'll respawm when you die


With almost identical type of story/setting where bunch of players is stuck inside a MMORPG game, there's no better recommendation. While Log Horizon may be a lot more light hearted that Sword Art Online, it does have a more natural storytelling that will definitely to people unaffiliated with MMO. If you enjoyed one, there’s a good chance you might like the other one.  


The 2 anime story is about people who play VMMORPG (Virtual Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) and trapped inside the game.


If you liked either one of these animes you would like the other because they are both bassed on a video game. Also in the anime the main characters have become trapped in these video games and can't get out.


Trapped in a rpg game dayum. I cant say more.  why do i have to write 100 words to fill this up. this sentence was enough to decide. 


very similar premises (trapped inside an RPG). SAO focuses more on the escape from the game, and the adventure that entails. LH takes a lot more strategy into mind, and is more about improving the new world that the characters are finding themselves in.


They're very similar. Their both inside a videogame and the main character is a heroic male(both great animes)


True that both Log Horizon and SAO have the same undertone but their plots are different SAO is about escaping the world while Log Horizon is about living in this world. If you like the MMO plot I recommend these two. 


I think its pretty Similar to each other because, you have the same feeling in both of them. I dont want to spoil to much so just have fun watching the other when you watched one of them :-)


Both are good, Sword Art Online has a more distinct plot which is to escape the virtual world. While Log Horizon goes into alot of detail in the game world mechanic and the people seem to be more concerned with the affairs of the game. 


Some say that log horizon is cheap since it feel like Log Horizon is riding on SAO's wave (popularity of a trapped in video game theme and Log horizon came out a year after SAO) but the .hack series' came out long before SAO and were quite popular (at least popular enough that they made four different ones)

SAO and Log horizon are both able to stand on their own due to their unique take on the issue. SAO changed it to not just one person or 'thing' being trapped in the world, but the entire population - focusing on the entire population, struggling as a whole, to get out. Log horizon did use that idea but took it a different way, leaving them with no hope of escape. Thus the focus of Log horizon is not escape but trying to build a world where players of all levels can live happily.

Both go into the emotional states of the characters after being trapped but Log Horizon also adds in the dynamic of NPC's actually having consciousness (something also touched on in the .hack series, but again Log Horizon takes it to a different level). And yes, both main characters are introverts who are scared of guilds, but they aren’t the same character,  Kirito, from SAO, depends on his individual strength to survive, while Shiroe is more focused on strategy, their characteristics reflect the different goals of the worlds.


If you like sword art online, you WILL like log horizon!

Both are about being trapped inside of a game, sword art online is more survival based.

Both anime are awesome.


SAO and Log Horizon are the perfect compliments of each other!

Although SAO has more Fanservice than Log Horizon, there is no denying that Log Horizon returns the lack of FS with a very deep and detailed plot!

I highly recoomend any fan of one to watch the other, I guarentee that you will LOVE the other!


In both of these animes you have players stuck in an MMORPG, like .hack/. The story telling and character development in both is very good. I like the character development in SAO better but it is a bit darker than Log Horizon. In SAO characters die IRL when they die in the game. In Log Horizon they respawn back at the cathedral and lose all of their loot. I feel that Log Horizon has a more strategy and team based way of winning the game where SAO is more about a single character


Both shows share the same concept, people get trapped in a video game.

But while SAO is more focused on how to get out of this videogame world, Log Horizon is more centered around how to survive in the new world. This makes both shows interesting to watch, because their still very different.


TL;DR: If you like the idea of 'trapped in an MMO' Log Horizon is the only one that stays completely true to the idea.

Similar to SAO only in the fact that a MMO is the general location. Where SAO pretty much abandons the day to day mechanics of an MMO and becomes more fantasy/scifi based(you can easily forget it's inside a game), Log Horizon sticks to the premise of being trapped inside the MMO world. Guild politics, interacting with what was once mindless NPCs(now living people, and far more numerous than the adventurers themselves), the concepts of raids, quests, PvP, and how people would react to finding themselves in a game world are all present. Highly recommend.


They're both about a bunch of people getting stuck inside a game. Although Log Horizon barely had any drama, it does however make more sense than SAO. Both are good in my opinion, though!


The main differences between SOA and LH are that in the first one, players die in real life if they do die in the game, and they are always trying to escape that world; in the second one death doesn't matter anymore, and the players try tu build up a new living world, a peaceful society, living along with the NPC's < who become more human> and other players. Both are great titles, about people getting trapped in a MMO fantasy game. It's just the problem solving logic that's different. 


When I first watched this anime, I thought, wow! These two are literally extremely similar! If you liked one, you are sure to like the other.


The shows are very similar because both are about players trapped in a game world. They each have their differences, but are great shows, so you should give it a try. You won't regret it.


The similarities between the SAO and Log Horizon are farily obvious and at the beginning you will think that they are basically the same show. People are trapped in a VRMMORPG and have to struggle to find a way out. While SAO focuses on players actually getting out and dealing with other problems later, Log Horizon focuses on how the trapped players try to make their new home better. Halfway through each show they really become their own and really have some good elements that make them stand apart from each other.


both mmorpgs. both storylines is about a group of people who gets trapped inside a game. the big diffrents from soa and log horizion is that log horizon focuses alot more on the issues about living in a mmorpg world and how to adress problems. were soa's storyline mainly focuses on the relations (love) between the 2 main characters. log horizon focuses on the exploration of the mmorpg world and who to help others.


Both these animes are about people who are trapped in MMORPG and they have to fight their way to try to survive and find a way get back to their own world. Both are great animes though I enjoyed Sword Art Online more.


In my opinion Log horizon is Basicly a Rip off of Sword art online. there are so many things that are different but the whole Story about Ppl being prisoned in the game world is the same . I love both animes and they are Awome!


Both of these anime are plotted to a situation that they are trapped in MMORPG game.                                         


Both involve being stuck in an MMORPG. SAO seems to go into the drama and trauma an event like this could have. SAO is much more about survival and action. The thing that makes Log Horizon stand out is that the Non-Player Characters (NPCs) are all sentient and aware. While there is combat in LH, this anime focusses more on group strategy and takes a lot of time explaining the fundementals of MMORPGs.


Very close, but same theme with online worlds, I love them both, in different ways, LG is not as much focused on romance as is SAO but more strategy, what ifs, and trying to learn how to make a life there, SAO is more action, romance, and surival, both do it very well, I am slightly leaning more towards LG but both are an awesome story!


Both are VMMORPG and the players can't log out, but I think they are different. However, my recommendation for watching LH is because the protagonist Shiro as strategist is awesome.


Both are related to a a RL person trapped in a virtual environment. Waiting for Log Horizon 2 to bring the happy ending that SAO has.


SAO and LH share the same idea of a community trapped inside a virtual world. Both have solid animation, though SAO may have a slight lead in this. Yet the true shine is the story, one hell bent on saving his "world" and the other adapting to his role as a "savior" figure. Both main char. are the solitary types who have a amazing understanding of the game they are placed in. They both find that community and friendship (love in one case) open the true paths to a "end game". In short if you find your self looking for another "Help i'm in a MMO and i can't get out" program you will find that each bring a unique take on this plot.


The same argument, i love SAO but i don't see all the episodes of Log Horizon, would watch when i have time, but the firsts episodes i see are in the line of sao


Both SAO and Log Horizon are based where the main character are stuck in a MMORPG.  The key difference is that SAO was Virtual Reality, and Log Horizon was not(until they got trapped)


If you liked SAO youll like this one. Log's story is going to be longer than SAO's, but it each episode is fulfilling in that it doesnt feel like it is going "slow".


both are about an vrmmorpg where the players find themselve unable to logout and must find a way to survive


simlar premise. Log horizon is more about the game aspects whereas SAO is more about the character development


These shows are just about the same a game with properties of reality, trying to find a way out...this is a really obvious recommendation but it i true that these are both similar in purpose genres etc. The only main difference SAO is more about a harem and Log Horizon is more about action but still this isn't a big difference So if you liked one you should like the other.


The premises of these series are similar, yet they have completely different takes on them: Sword Art Online focuses on surviving in a virtual world to escape to the real one, while Log Horizon is more about adjusting to a regular life in a game universe. As a result, Log Horizon is far more lighthearted, and between the battles and adventures it becomes a slice-of-life kind of series. By contrast, Sword Art Online is more dire and intense.

There is also a difference in how characters interact with the plot. SAO focuses almost exclusively on the goings-on of its protagonist, Kirito, and a handful of friends and allies; LH has a larger cast and spreads out screentime between the characters more, despite also having a definite main character.

In all, the two shows balance each other out well. Watching them at the same time would most likely be jarring, but viewing them one after the other would provide a good mixture of action and relaxtion.


In both animes players are trapped in a virtual world. Log Horizon focus more on living in this new world, where as SAO's focus is escaping this new world

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22-year-old Ryouta is an unemployed good-for-nothing who spends his days living at home and playing Btooom, a wildly popular online game that's sold over three million copies worldwide. Alongside other teammates, Ryouta battles it out with others using powerful bombs and sonar that can reveal hidden enemies, and his dedication has earned him the title of Japan's top player. But soon, Ryouta's pastime becomes a terrifying reality, as he and many others are dropped onto a tropical island and forced to play Btooom – but this time for real. Now, he and the rest must fight to the death by whatever means necessary, as the only way to win this deadly game is by killing seven of the other players.

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Basicly these two Anime have the same storyline. Game turns through an incident into reality and the story evolves aorund the top player. They're both still ongoing but I enjoyed both of them so far, they are definitely worth watching. Altough I personally like SAO more but it is still too early to make up my mind about Btooom!


its basicly very similar. only a slightly different concept.. while in this anime he finds himself with the game equipment and all that... in SAO gamers are actually trapped in a virtual reality MMORPG game where you cant escape unless you clear the game and, if you die, you also die in real life.


I highly recommend Sword Art Online and Btooom! both ways. Mainly because they are both quite similar (both are about survival, Btooom! revolves around this topic whereas this topic is most dominent only in the first arc of SAO). Btooom! has actual blood involved and also has a bit more, in my opinion, (depends on what you think) mature themes than SAO. The setting of the story is a bit different. Btooom! takes place in the wilderness in the real world while SAO takes place in a populated region in a virtual world.

Overall, these two are a must watch. If you haven't done so already, watch it! Hope this helped! :P


I agree that these two are similar but they differ in SAO Kirigaya Kazuto (Kirito) gets stuck in this newly released game that was supposed to be all the rave, but after he got the game and started it up he got stuck by the game creator who wants to test the human race. But in Btooom! the main charcter gets taken away by men in black suits and sent to an island but he cant remember thelast few hours. after traveling in the world he opens the bag that he has never seen and there are bombs in it. While trying to regain his memories he realizes that it is exactly like the game that he is ranked #10 in the world Btooom. the two have a simmilar theme they revolve around the game they play but they differ by this. they both need to complete the conditions which in ryoutas case is to callect 8 items from his dead enemies but in kiritos case he needs to beat all 100 levels of the tower and defeat all of the bosses that come with each of them. if you have only watched one of them or neither of them i recommend you watch them both they are really good anime in my opinion.


these two animes are quite similar and are both AMAZING! personally I like SAO better than btooom but they are both amazing and i recommend them both


the two series are very similiar because in the both games the main protaganist is an excellent gamer who gets stuck in a high stake game risking there lives in sword art its vrmmorpg that if u die in the virtual world u die in real life  but in btooom the main charcacter is among the top players of a game called btoom then gets choosen by someone who hates him to particuipate in real life version. and in both the main character falls in love in the game. one of the biggest differences is that btoom is more explcit wen it comes to blood and gorry stuff if u liked one i suggest the other


Same kind of setup, Btooom! is also a dethgame with a lovestory (more deathgame than lovestory though :P).


Okay, basically they have the same storyline: They're both about a guy who loves playing online games but one day that game becomes real. Their lives are at stake and they are forced to "play" to survive. Both have a little of romance in it to spice things up. However, Btoom! has (as it's tagged) more mature themes whereas Sword Art Online doesn't. And I mean physically and psychologically. I believe Sword Art online has a softer approach and maybe meant for slightly younger viewers. Therefore this recommendation is valid for those who have enjoyed this whole game idea and are looking for a worth watching similar anime. Personally, I enjoyed both.


both of these anime's are about diffrent games: btooom! (fps (well kinda)) and sword art online (mmorpg) and geting such in that enviroment of the game. as well as having a similar gaming side they also have the idea of survival and freinds as in both anime's they have to team up in order to escape.


There both death games, and you have a nice little romance going on in both of them :D

And if you like Btooom and SAO try watching Accel World, it is very alike Btooom and SAO :D


I highly recommend Btoom because both of them iclude being transported into a game and not being able to leave until they beat people


With the main characters life being at stake because of a video game, it is difficult to not think that these two are very similar. The main protagonist also falls in love with a girl in both situations. These two animes are very similar, but each unique. 


Both have protagonists which are stock in a game(real or virtual) where they need to fight to survive and both actions are creating a beautiful love story.


Similar plot - characters trapped in a game where they have to kill to survive, similar love story, similar overall characters, similar art


Both series are bassed off of people being forced to either be stuck in a video game (sword art) or to live it in real life such as Btoom!. You also see a romance within both series and the main characters are really only good at videogames and nothing in their real life. Both are seen fighting other players and defeating the game mechanics in order to win.


These two animes are very similar in the story side, in both the protagonist has to survive in some sort of "game" that a mad "scientist" has created for research or own pleasure.The only difference is that you will probably be less traumatized by Sword Art Online than Btooom!. Since the principal idea in SAO is to help eachother to beat the game (100th floor), but in Btooom! the goal to win is to kill 7 persons and get their IC chips.I would recommend both animes to anyone, but I don't think that young kids should watch Btooom! though.



I have seen SAO about 5 times now and it is still my favourite anime of all time. But a good anime to watch after watching SAO would be Btooom! Because of the similarities in the styles of both animes.

While SAO takes place in a Virtual MMO game, btooom! Makes a game become real life where players mist use their insticts to survive (and alot of bombs).

Both are amazing anime and are really worth the watch. If you like one you will like the other. Just Btooom! Is more mature in viewing.


they are both anime that take gaming to a whole new level having the characters trapped in a place trying to leave playing a game they love to the death letting the famous theme from fate stay/night come out; "People die When They Are Killed".


both high risk games that result in death. However Btoom is using their real bodies and no special techniques or skills as to where SOA is using their virtual bodies connected to their bodies in real life. However both result in death because of the makers selfish and twisted desires.


Both of these feature a main character who is a pro at online gaming, and they both involve the online game becoming a deadly contest. They also both have compelling love stories.


Base plot quite similar even if in different situations.. Btoom! has a quite wierd end.. for now


In both of these anime, the main character is put into a video game and forced to survive. They are both extremely similar in both plot and everything else. If you liked one, I would definitely suggest watching the other.


Both of these anime series' are survival orientated, with an implied love interest between the two main characters. 

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In a massive online world, people act only as well as their conscience demands. When one player's punishment is to be trapped in this world, a disparate group of people seek the answers why. Their motives are varied; their methods even more so. What stands between when we tear down the walls of reality? Where does our soul end and we begin?

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after watching the first ep of Sword Art Online i was instantly and i mean INSTANTLY reminded of ALL of the .hack// series. a story about how 10,000 players dive into a game and are stuck inside of it until they beat the game any attempt from the outside to bring them back inflicts death, if they die in the game they die for real. VERY similar to .hack// i feel if you like sword art online then you should watch the .hack// franchise all of them are good and the games are just as great.  


Very similar in the concept of virutal reality, stuck in a game, as well as MMORPG style. Both very good animes.


These two are a PERFECT match. Being stuck in a game and not being able to exit? Check. Awesome music? Check. Excellent set design and fantasy creatures? Check. SAO is miles above hack on all levels, but this is a recommendation that makes sense above all.


These animes resemble each other in many ways, however SAO is much more sad and depressing. Even the paces are very different, while .hack//SIGN is slow-paced, SAO is extremely fast-paced. But I think you'll like each of this shows, they are both worth watching!


Same plot, virtual reality, stucked in a game, mmorpg style and low magic too are common things between this two series


A bunch of people stuck inside an MMO at risk of their lives? Sounds like .hack//SIGN to me alright...


What's not to like about people being stuck in an MMO?

Both series have similar concepts only in SIGN it's only one player that's stuck while in SAO everyone's stuck.


SAO is like .hack//SIGN with a faster-paced storyline and higher stakes, so most likely if you liked .hack//SIGN you will love SAO, should go both ways - but if you don't like a little slower-paced show then you may not enjoy .hack//SIGN (it's not unbearably slow-paced like Shiki)


MMORPG in the future 

both very alike

even tho i prefer Sword Art Online i recommend both


Both are based on the same concept: People stuck in a fantasy style MMORPG. Other than that though, they are wery different. Mainly, Sword Art Online isa lot more fast-paced and action-oriented.


If you like anime based on being trapped in a video game then you'll love both of these great animes.  .hack//SIGN follows several different chacters in it's story the same way SAO does where as SAO moves a little faster in character development .hack//SIGN covers more of the mysterious online world.


The concept is very similar. An online RPG where players are 'trapped'. I would argue that the romance part of Sword Art Online is better, but the music score in .hack//SIGN is better.


I agree with the masses, these 2 shows are definitely a lot like each other. The main story and the idea of both anime is having people stuck inside of a MMORPG game. Where in one, we got only our main protagonist to live inside the game and the other having all the players trapped in.


.Hack is very much like SAO except for one flaw that SAO benefits from: The fact that .hack ends when the protaganist wakes from the game, while in SAO he awakes midway through the anime and has a protion for which he is awake.


It really has alot of the same premises except that in SAO they (Spoiler) are kept within the game due to removal of a logout option whereas in .hack//SIGN it is a virus which keeps them from logging out. But if you Enjoy SAO or .hack I would reccomend either to you.


.hack supposedly gave some insperation to sao i havnt watched the .hack series yet but as a big sao fan .hack has been recommended to me alot as sort of the gandfather of sao


Both are virtual worlds that effect the lives of the players real life bodies. However not as dramatic as SOA where they simply go into a coma in .hack//sign instead of actual death.


The whole idea of a character or characters trapped in a virtual world with no way of getting out . . . that was what came to mind when I first found out about SAO. That said, both shows have their merits.

Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland

Middle school student Ganta Igarashi witnessed the slaughter of his entire class by the mysterious 'Red Man', and as the only survivor, he was labeled a mass murderer and sentenced to death. Now an inmate at the privately-owned prison and ‘amusement park' known as Deadman Wonderland, Ganta must try to survive in a place where inmates are the main attraction in brutal gladiator-style games. At the same time, he must attempt to uncover the truth behind the ‘Red Man', his mysterious childhood friend Shiro, and why he was the only survivor that bloody day.

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I'm not quite sure how to describe it but the graphics remind me a lot of DMW and if you liked the graphics in Sword Art Online you will like DMW, although just a warning, DMW has quite a bit more blood than this series.


Both are about life and death games, though deadman wonderland didn't really have romance.  they both have a rather mysterious girl (though shiro is alot more mysterious)  and you come to understand the protoganist as the story progresses


They Both feature characters put into live or die situations. While SAO is more fantasy and Deadman is more violent and the language is more mature they both have that "Will they make it." suspense feeling going for it.


They both feature deathgames esq. story lines as well as very good fights. Though other then this factor its hard to say anything about them is similar.


In both, the protagonist is locked into a life-or-death situation with no way out.  Of course SAO has more heartwarming events.


Both main character push themselves beyond the limit....... and then go even harder. You simply can't beat that... or them.


Both have a Life/Death scenarios although Deadman Wonderland is alot more gruesome and bloody, SAO has a very deep and interesting plot which will keep you hooked from episode 1.

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