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"Top 15 Anime's to Watch of All Time"by gatorgabe11

This Will Be My Favorite 15 Anime that I Have ever watched and will most likely appeal to every genre and is good for beginners as well as veterans.

"Top 10 Fantasy Anime's to Watch"by gatorgabe11

This List Has Plenty of Great Anime's for the Beginner and the Veteran from the first 1 being the best to the 10 one being pretty good as well.

Anime Worth Watching A Third Timeby Diddiken

This is a list that in my opinion is worth watching a third time. All the animes that are here is hare for a reason. I am not going to comment on them all, because i am lazy... Sorry

Top 20 action animeby joseph213

Anime with decent amount of action alphabetical order

Top Popular Animeby Tyamf

Most Popular Anime Of 21st Century From 2000 To 2015. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDdqcR2CnCI

My Anime Listby Marti

This is my anime list

Animes I Watchedby MinaLam

Animes are in Alphabetical Order- no ratings (ALWAYS UPDATED!)

Anime that people love to hateby HumanBeing

The more popular the series, the more people loves to exaggerate their faults.