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Top Popular Animeby Tyamf

Most Popular Anime Of 21st Century From 2000 To 2015. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDdqcR2CnCI

My Anime Listby Marti

This is my anime list

Animes I Watchedby MinaLam

Animes are in Alphabetical Order- no ratings (ALWAYS UPDATED!)

Anime that people love to hateby HumanBeing

Because of the popularity of these anime, some people love to exaggerate their faults.

My favorite 1 or 2 season shows from A to Z.by dellsimkin

These shows are all at 1 to 26 episodes. The standard 1 or 2 season shows.No movies or OVA's . Some show have different names for each seasons, I only added the 1st season names

Wonderful 100% flawless dubsby TheIceQueen

Those special little gems of voice acting. Bible black would be on here too~

Animes w/ Romance Subplotsby sm3xyang3l

Exactly what the title says. The genres don't show the romance tag but there's some romance in it :>